Quality assurance in teaching

Evaluation - surveys - accreditation

The study programmes at the University of Konstanz distinguish themselves through high standards in teaching, student support and service quality. The assurance and continued development of these high standards is a top priority for the the University of Konstanz. For this reason, various evaluations are carried out. They are coordinated by Quality Management.

Course evaluations

A well known tool is the evaluation of courses. Students provide teachers feedback regarding their courses via a survey. If necessary, the teachers can then use this feedback to improve their courses. The respective deans of study also receive the responses and the results are discussed in the study commissions.

Course evaluations

Student surveys

An important component of quality assurance is the systematic collection of student experiences, suggestions and critique. Therefore Quality Management carries out regular student, drop-out and graduate surveys.


The University of Konstanz has system-accreditation.

The University of Konstanz received its system-accreditation seal of quality in October 2014. The accreditation council certified the University of Konstanz's ability to use its measures and tools to independently ensure the quality of its own study programmes. This system accreditation is valid until 2020 and is confirmed by the accreditation certificate .