Transfer-oriented teaching

Within the framework of the MWK-funded “Lernen und Lehren in der Dritten Dimension” (learning and teaching in 3D) project

Current news: October 2016

The University of Konstanz provides assistance and material resources to lecturers who want to test new, project-oriented teaching formats through the “Lernen und Lehren in der dritten Dimension” project, which is being funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK).

All new, project-oriented teaching concepts are eligible for funding that enable an active, intrinsically motivating kind of learning, critical thinking and dedicated action in addition to increasing student employability through a clear focus on (knowledge) transfer.

All University of Konstanz teaching staff are eligible to apply.

Funding is available to projects that:

include practical and societal aspects: teaching projects should address concrete practical and societal issues, raising student awareness for the contributions their disciplines can make to solving current and future social challenges.


provide career orientation through cooperation with external partners: this linkage of research-oriented teaching with career orientation will create points of contact between the students’ study experience and their future professional careers.

Sustainability: Your teaching project can be experimental in character, but, if successful, should aim to benefit not merely your current group of students but also contribute to the lasting development and improvement of teaching in your discipline and beyond.

What can you apply for?

You can apply for the following expenses related to the implementation of new, transfer-oriented teaching formats:

  • teaching assignments or speakers’ fees, e.g. for co-teaching formats involving practitioners
  • student assistants to help you manage your regular duties while you develop new project-oriented teaching formats
  • material resources for conducting classes (no Items that would fall under “basic funding”)
  • resources for documenting and publishing the findings

Process & criteria for awarding funding

Your project proposal should include the following information:

  • Brief summary of the project (maximum 1,000 characters)
  • Project objective
  • Description of the transfer services it provides
  • How many students are likely to benefit from your planned teaching project?
  • Are you planning a single event or a permanent feature?
  • Funding requirements (assistants, material resources, teaching assignments)
  • Approval of the department

The university is obliged to report back to the MWK on the progress of the projects. We therefore ask that, after the completion of their project, successful applicants submit a short but informative report to the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs.

We look forward to receiving your written description, which we ask you to email in pdf format to the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs (email:

Sibylle Mühleisen from the Centre for Transferable Skills (SQ) will be happy to advise you. We recommend that you consult with her on your project prior to submitting your project description (room D 420, Phone: +49 7531 88 -4881).