Free space for continuing teacher training in tandem

for tandems or groups of scientists, didactics specialists and/or educational scientists.

In order to foster increased cooperation between professionals in individual academic disciplines, didactics and the educational sciences, the University of Konstanz will regularly provide “free space for continuing teacher training in tandem” within the framework of the BMBF-funded “edu4. Grenzen überwinden – Lernkulturen vernetzen” project, which runs until 2019.

Your project is eligible for funding if it seeks to improve upon study programmes, the course curriculum or classes in both study-related and continuing teaching contexts. Lecturers can request a substitute for up to nine course hours (LVS) during a maximum time period of two semesters. Additionally, you may apply for up to six teaching assignments.

Programme details


It is the aim of this funding initiative to provide space and time for continually improving teacher education (LLB), with a particular focus on creating networking opportunities for scientists, didactics specialists and educational scientists. Working closely with didactics specialists and/or educational scientists, researchers will be able to develop new teaching concepts and content that establish lasting connections between individual academic disciplines, didactics and/or the educational sciences. To that end, we envision a broad spectrum of measures ranging from individual courses to entire modules.

Funding is available for projects that seek to:

  • develop sustainable networking strategies for professionals in academic disciplines, didactics and educational sciences.
  • develop innovative teaching methodologies and concepts further.
  • implement research-based teaching in teacher education.
  • strengthen the practical aspects of teacher education.
  • expand methodological competencies.
  • improve media skills in teacher education.
  • establish inclusion and heterogeneity as over-arching issues in teacher education.
  • work with partner schools to develop new teaching projects.
  • develop support measures for new students.
  • ease the transition from bachelor to master studies.
  • ease the transition from the first to the second phase of teacher education.
  • implement measures for creating continuing education opportunities in tandem for the third phase of the LLB programme.

Scope of the funding

Funding is available for partial release from teaching duties for up to 4 course hours (LVS). The scope of the proposed teaching load reductions will be adjusted in regards to the the effort necessary to implement (and possibly test) the project. Substitute staff may be instated for a period of one to two semesters and, if the requirements are met, receive remuneration up to the E 13 employee payment bracket. Additionally, you may apply for up to six teaching assignments to implement and evaluate the new teaching concepts.

Applications for “free space” can be submitted on behalf of one or more faculty members. Individual applicants should make it clear precisely how they plan for their project to foster cooperation through networking. We expressly welcome applications from research teams, departments as well as cross-departmental associations and institutions.

Application process

Please use the application form provided. At the core of your application should be a proposal of no more than five pages, which should include the following:

  1. brief summary of the project (maximum 1,000 characters)
  2. starting point
  3. objectives for the project
  4. key points and milestones
  5. information on sustainability
  6. time and finance plan
  7. planned substitutes for teaching staff

Please also explain how you plan to address gender and diversity issues in your project.

Please liaise with the relevant department and the respective study commissions in order to finalise your proposal. To do this, please contact your director of the departmental administration first and submit the application to the Committee on Curricular Affairs and Life-Long Learning (ALW) via the faculty board afterwards. Applications submitted in time for the respective deadlines will be reviewed by The Binational School of Education (BiSE) and deliberated upon by the ALW, who will then make a recommendation to the Rectorate. The final decision is made by the Rectorate and the deans.

Applications for the winter semester of 2017/18 may be submitted until 31 Mai 2017. Please send your applications as a PDF file to the ALW:

We highly recommend all applicants discuss their plans, the options for providing substitutes for teaching staff as well as the required resources with the managing director of the Binational School of Education (

Information and Advisory Service

Concept and didactic advisory service

Our university didactics team can advise you on concepts and didactics issues before submitting your applications. Please contact Melanie Moosbuchner, Phone: +49 7531 88 -5227

Gender and diversity considerations

With specific questions about gender and diversity-sensitive teaching, please consult Michaela David (gender, phone: +49 7531 88 -5338 or Anna Blank (diversity, phone: +49 7531 88 -5313).