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The University of Konstanz’s e-learning team is a joint effort of Academic Staff Development (ASD), the Division of Student Affairs and Teaching, and the Communication, Information and Media Centre (KIM). It provides cross-divisional services on the topic of e-learning to all university teaching staff. Each of these three university units gladly supports you with its respective expertise.

Please email your questions to the e-learning team at:

Services by topic

Technical aspects and lecture recording/streaming

If you have questions about technical aspects of using ILIAS elements, please contact the ILIAS support team at:

For important information and contacts related to recording or streaming lectures for hybrid courses visit the KIM lecture recording page.

If you have questions about web conferencing systems, please email .

You can reach KIM IT Support at:

Conceptional and didactic matters

University Didactics and Instructional Design in Academic Staff Development

You can send your didactics questions directly to the University Didactics team (Academic Staff Development).

Such questions might include, for example:

  • How can I get my students actively involved in the learning process?
  • How can I motivate my students during asynchronous phases?
  • Which course content is best suited to asynchronous formats and which to synchronous ones?
  • Do I have alternatives for my exam format?
  • How can I moderate my online meetings or hybrid courses well?
  • How can I best involve even my students who are watching a hybrid class online?

Instructional Design
Contact our instructional designer with all your questions about how to set up online environments like ILIAS so that they promote learning or to learn how to use digital elements in your teaching.

Such questions might include, for example:

  • How can I use videos effectively in my teaching?
  • How can I set up my ILIAS course room so that students can navigate it on their own?
  • How can I work interactively with students online?
  • How can I use survey tools effectively in online teaching?
  • How can I use interactive videos to teach?

The current situation poses a wide range of challenges for everyone. Coaches from the Academic Staff Development team will gladly support you in addressing them. We currently also provide coaching via phone and video conferencing. Contact us (preferably via email).

Workshops and materials