Real and virtual classrooms

The University of Konstanz owns several well-equipped classrooms that support e-learning.

The Library and the departments are home to various computer pools and special e-learning labs that can accommodate between 8 and 40 participants.

All regular lecture halls and seminar rooms can be booked via classroom reservation services.

You can book various mobile classrooms that will turn conventional seminar rooms into flexible computer pools. Equipped with 12 to 24 notebook computers and mobile internet access, they can turn any seminar room into a digital wonderland.

If you require technical equipment that goes beyond standard seminar room configurations, you can borrow various devices including notebook computers, beamers, adapters and so on from KIM.

As an audience response system (ARS), we offer approx. 200 clickers and the app EduVote for your lectures and courses. You can reserve and lend the clickers from the KIM consulting in the Library. For EduVote a campus-wide licence is available since 2018 for the use in a BYOD mode.

You can use basically any device with internet access to host virtual courses and video conferences. All you need is the Adobe Connect software.

If you have questions about our real, e-learning or virtual classrooms, please contact KIM Library and IT Support (see contact box).