Organizational information

Scheduling your online exam in the ILIAS exam evironment

  • In ZEuS, change the exam format of the scheduled exam date to the desired format, either "Live Online Exam" or "Take Home Exam," for the announcement to the students. If your department centrally coordinates exams or if you don't have the rights to manage exams in ZEuS, please first contact the person responsible for curriculum planning in your department, who may perform some of the steps described below on your behalf.
  • Request a date for an ILIAS exam room using this online form.
  • The ILIAS team will review the date and confirm the booking of the virtual ILIAS exam room. For any further questions regarding the technical or didactic design of your online exam, please contact:
  • The ILIAS team will create the exam room in ILIAS for you.
  • Log in to: and find the exam room on your Personal Desk, where you can customize it accordingly.
  • Enter the ILIAS exam room assigned to you by the ILIAS team in ZEuS to inform the students.

If you have decided for a "Live Online Exam" exam, you can conduct the exam in one of the three formats offered for online exams. You can write your online exam with Chromebooks on campus, conduct an online exam with bwLehrpool in the university's PC pools, or have students take the exam on their own laptops in a bring-your-own-device exam on campus.

If you would like to conduct an online exam, please contact the person responsible for exam planning in your department before.

Further information and detailed instructions on conducting e-exams can also be found under the following link:

Designing your online exam in the ILIAS exam environment

You have received a confirmation for your scheduled online exam as well as a virtual exam room from the ILIAS team?

Here you can find instructions on how to design your exam:

On-campus online exam with ILIAS (proctored)

Off-campus online exam with ILIAS (unproctored).