Online exams on Chromebooks

After successfully testing Chromebook online exams in winter semester 2022/2023, it is now possible to conduct written exams on Chromebooks on campus in the university premises.

There are 128 Chromebooks available in total, stored in four mobile cabinets. The Chromebooks can be used during the examination period at the end of each semester. Online-exams can take place in the R-building lecture halls as well as rooms on P6 and M6. In certain circumstances, it may be possible for online-exams to take place in other rooms.

The devices will automatically connect to the ILIAS exam platform when turned on. Participants can then log in with their respective university account to access the exam you have prepared. Other websites cannot be reached during the exam.

For detailed information on planning and conducting Chromebook exams, see our guide linked on this page. We update this document regularly in order to adopt recommendations gained from practical experience and, if necessary, to update locations and dates.

In order to request a Chromebook exam, please use the submission form below. Please review the important information and the guide linked on this website before deciding to submit a request. Please be sure to have also contacted the person responsible for exam planning in your department beforehand.

Important information - a quick overview

For which kind of tests are Chromebook exams particularly suitable?

Chromebook exams offer great advantages for exams that make use of standardized answering formats, such as multiple choice tests, ordering questions, or tasks that require entering calculation results. Especially in exams with a large number of participants, whose exam answers can be automatically evaluated in ILIAS, Chromebook exams provide their greatest benefit. They also offer advantages in exams that require entering larger amounts of text in tests - the evaluation is easier, since the text is not handwritten.

Exam questions that are not appropriate for Chromebook exams are those that require the submission of handwritten sketches or mathematical formulas. If the proportion of these types of questions is small, they could potentially be submitted on paper and evaluated separately.

How many Chromebooks are available?

Currently (February 2023) you can use 128 Chromebooks during the summer semester examination period, which are distributed across four mobile cabinets. If this number is not sufficient for your event, please contact us so that we can record your needs and consider them in our plans to expand the offer:

In which rooms can the Chromebooks be used?

We recommend using lecture halls in the R building or seminar rooms on levels P6 or M6: In these rooms, we can provide you with the devices on location.

If you want to use rooms other than these (please see our overview of suitable rooms for this), we will hand over the Chromebook cabinets at the entrance to the N library. In this case, you will have to organise and carry out the transport to the exam rooms yourself.

I need multiple rooms for my exam, is that feasible?

Yes, it is feasible. You can use one or more cabinets (each containing 32 Chromebooks) per room and conduct the exam simultaneously in multiple rooms. However, to prevent damage during transport and speed up the distribution and collection of the Chromebooks, it is not recommended to distribute Chromebooks from a single cabinet across multiple rooms.

How much time and personnel should I plan for the transport of the Chromebook mobile cabinets?

If you want to use rooms other than the ones where we can provide the Chromebooks (R building and level P6 or M6, please refer to our overview), you will have to organise and carry out the transport of the Chromebook cabinets yourself. Plan for a minimum of 45 minutes for the transport of four Chromebook cabinets each way, as delays often occur at the freight elevators. At least four (strong) individuals should be available for the transport, as two persons per cabinet are required for ramps due to their heavy weight.

How many time slots do I need to book for the room for exams with a specific duration?

The usable time period for the exam within the allocated time slots for room allocation largely depends on how you distribute the Chromebooks before the exam. Our experience has shown that

  • With one allocated time slot (90 minutes), an exam with a duration of 60 minutes can be conducted if you hand over the Chromebooks to the participants directly upon entering the room.
  • With two allocated time slots (195 minutes, including the break time in the middle), an exam with a duration of 90 minutes can be conducted if you distribute the Chromebooks to the seats beforehand.

For detailed scheduling examples, please refer to our guide on planning and conducting Chromebook exams.

How should I plan and conduct the Chromebook and room reservation?

For planning and reservation we recommend this sequence:

  1. Determine the exam duration and add additional time for distributing and collecting the devices, as well as informing the participants.
  2. Clarify the availability of personnel support (e.g. assistants)
  3. Decide which exam rooms you want to use  (suitable rooms)
  4. Check the availability of the exam rooms (room occupancy)
  5. Confirm the availability of Chromebooks for your preferred date with us (
  6. Reserve the exam rooms at the room scheduling department
  7. Confirm the successful reservation of the exam rooms (

Detailed instructions for each step can be found in the guide on planning and conducting Chromebook exams, linked on this website.

Where can I find information on preparing the ILIAS exam course for my Chromebook exam?

Comprehensive information on online-exams, using the exam module in ILIAS, and informing students can be found here: