Online exams on own devices (BYOD)

It is possible to conduct online exams where participants use their own laptops. These exams, known as "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) exams, are particularly suitable when:

  • you expect a relatively large number of participants (> 120 people)
  • the ILIAS exam environment ("exam ILIAS") is intended to be used
  • the effort of providing devices is to be minimised

To restrict access to unwanted internet services or files on participants' own devices during the exam, the participants need to install a special web browser called "Safe Exam Browser" (SEB), and load a customised start and configuration file specific to your exam. We provide appropriate download options and information for participants and support you as instructors in preparing for the exam.

Detailed information can be found in our guide. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

In order to request a BYOD exam, please use the submission form below. Please review the important information and the guide linked on this website before deciding to submit a request. Please be sure to have also contacted the person responsible for exam planning in your department before.

Quick overview of essential information

For which exams are BYOD exams particularly suitable?

"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) exams are particularly suitable for exams in which:

  • standardized response formats are used, such as multiple-choice tests, ordering questions, or tasks that require entering calculation results
  • more than 120 people are participating
  • students are allowed to use their own familiar devices, and the effort of providing devices is to be minimized

Especially in exams with a very large number of participants, where exam answers can be automatically evaluated on ILIAS, BYOD exams unfold their greatest benefits. They also offer advantages for exams that require the input of larger amounts of text in tests, as the absence of handwritten answers makes evaluation easier.

BYOD exams are not suitable for exams that require sketches or handwritten calculations.

In which rooms can I write BYOD exams?

You can find a table with suitable rooms in our guide.

How can individuals participate if they do not have a suitable device of their own?

There are 128 Chromebooks available as replacement devices, distributed across four mobile cabinets. In the rooms marked accordingly (R-building and level P6 or M6), we can provide the replacement devices directly. If you are using other rooms, you will need to organise and transport the replacement devices yourself. In that case, we hand over the Chromebook cabinets at the entrance to the N library.

How much time and personnel should I plan for the transport of the Chromebook mobile cabinets?

If you wish to use rooms other than those where we can provide the cabinets with the Chromebook replacement devices (R-building and level P6 or M6), you will have to organise and carry out the transport of the Chromebook cabinets yourself. Plan in at least 45 minutes each way to transport the four Chromebook cabinets, as delays often occur at the freight elevators. At least four (strong) people should be available for the transport, two persons per cabinet are required for ramps due to their heavy weight.

Is the installation of the "Safe Exam Browser" absolutely necessary?

The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) restricts the use of internet services, software, or files according to your desired configuration. If you generally allow all resources for your exam ("open book exam"), participants do not need the SEB.

Students refuse to install the Safe Exam Browser on their own devices. What now?

For those who do not wish to install the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) on their own devices or do not have a suitable device, Chromebooks can be provided and used as replacement devices. This also applies to participants whose own device malfunctions during the exam.

How can I register for a BYOD exam?

Please email us at and provide us with the following information:

  • your desired exam date and the total time required (including any transportation of the Chromebook replacement devices if applicable)
  • the rooms you have identified as available and that you wish to use
  • the number of devices required

Please also confirm that the desired room is available for your exam date. If there are sufficient Chromebook replacement devices available for your requested date, we will promptly confirm this, reserve the Chromebooks for you, and create an exam course for you on the exam-ILIAS platform.

Where can I find information on preparing the ILIAS exam course for my BYOD exam?

We have compiled detailed information about online-exams, how to use the ILIAS exam platform, and how to inform students here: