Questions about the new ILIAS 6

FAQs for teaching staff

1. What is new?

Here you can find an overview of new features in ILIAS 6.

2. How can I change the ZEuS settings so that the corresponding courses are automatically generated in ILIAS?

In every department there are persons who can create courses in ZEuS and change the settings. These persons mark the courses in ZEuS that are to be generated automatically in ILIAS. If you cannot find your courses in ILIAS, please contact the course planners in your department so they can change this setting for your courses in ZEuS.

3. Who can create a course for me in ZEuS, which will then be visible in ILIAS?

Please contact the course planners in your department and let them know that your course should automatically be created in ILIAS, too.

4. Where do I find my courses?

  • You can find courses that were automatically generated by ZEuS in the ILIAS area "Courses", in the folder for the corresponding semester. This folder contains subfolders for departments and working groups. The working group folders contain links to the courses stored in the respective department folders.
  • Courses up to and including the summer semester 2021 are filed in the area "courses (up to summer semester 2021)“. Course members can continue to access existing courses.
  • Like the automatically generated courses, you can also find manually created courses that are to be allocated to a department under "Courses". However, only in exceptional cases should you create courses manually in this area. This is why you cannot create these courses without consulting ILIAS-Support first.
  • Manually created courses that are not to be allocated to a faculty/department are available in the usual categories in the area "Further courses (no ZEuS connection)".

5. Do I have to use the ZEuS registration process?

No. If you do not want to use the ZEuS registration process, you have to select another registration process for your ILIAS course. Please share the link to this course with your students so they can join the ILIAS course more easily (instead of having to search for it in ILIAS).

However, using the registration process in ZEuS, will greatly simplify the entire process for everyone:

Students who registered via the ZEuS registration process are automatically added as members to the ILIAS course generated by ZEuS. As soon as the course is online in ILIAS, the participants will find the link to the course directly on their ILIAS desktop. You as the teacher do not have to change anything in the pre-set registration process for the respective ILIAS course. The standard setting is that students can register for your course via ZEuS only. (Please note: Members you add to your ILIAS course will not automatically be entered into ZEuS. This means that you will have to register all course participants via ZEuS if you use the ZEuS registration process. Exception: external students who have an external ILIAS account with us.)

6. Can I continue to create ILIAS courses manually?

Generally, you can not create courses in the ILIAS repository area "Courses" or subfolders yourself, as this area is intended for courses automatically created via ZEuS. Please contact the ILIAS Support team should you nevertheless need to manually create a course there. Outside this area, the previous rights settings for creating courses apply.

7. What do I have to keep in mind when manully creating a course in the ILIAS repository "Courses"?

  1. Please check whether the corresponding course already exists in the folder of your department or working group in the repository area "Courses". If yes, you will be able to directly access the course from there or via your ILIAS desktop.
  2. If you cannot find the course, please check whether it is listed in ZEuS: If so, please contact your course planners so they can change the ZEuS settings so that a corresponding course will be automatically generated in ILIAS (see above). Please remember that this is the standard process for creating regular courses in ILIAS.
  3. If your course has not been created in ZEuS and should not be created there, please contact ILIAS Support.


8. How can I use ZEuS to automatically generate courses from other repository areas and let students register for them?

Until now, the "my ILIAS courses" area was not created within the faculty/department structure, but in other repository areas. Now I would like to use ZEuS to let students register for my courses and to have my ILIAS courses generated automatically – is that possible?

In principle, all courses in ZEuS can automatically generate corresponding courses in ILIAS. You will alwaysfind them in the repository area "Courses". Courses that are not created via ZEuS are available in the area "Further courses (no ZEuS connection)". In such cases, please continue to use registration via ILIAS.

9. What about courses taking place in several semesters?

If courses are created in ZEuS as cross-semester courses and the automatic creation of courses in ILIAS is pre-set there, corresponding placeholder courses are created in the ILIAS repository area "Courses" every semester and, if applicable, participants registered in ZEuS are entered there as soon as they are admitted as course members. You can store course content you want to reuse every semester in the ILIAS course area "My Template Repository" and copy the content into the newly created courses.

Courses that are created outside the repository area "Courses" are not updated via ZEuS and remain unchanged for now.

However, please note that, as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), personal data (e.g. course membership) may only be stored for the time required for the intended use.

10. My students have been informed by email that they have been added to a course, but they cannot find it or access it. What should I do?

As before, students receive an ILIAS system message as soon as they have been added as members to a course. This also is the case if the course membership was automatically created via ZEuS. However, the course will only be accessible for students if you set it online (as before). In order to avoid queries and irritations, please switch the course online after completing your preparations or inform your course members when this will be the case.

11. How long does it take to synchronize ILIAS to fit the changes made in ZEuS?

Changes made in ZEuS are synchronized once each day (during the night) so that they will be visible in ILIAS the following day.

12. How do I clean up my dashboard?

Use the "favourites" function or delete entries on your dashboard. Deleting these entries from your dashboard will not, however, delete the corresponding course content. For further information, please see item 1 of these FAQs.

FAQs for students

Why do I receive ILIAS mails even though I have not registered for the courses?

If you have registered for a course in ZEuS and have been admitted to this course, you are automatically also a member of this course in ILIAS as of the winter semester 2021/22 and will receive a corresponding message from the ILIAS system. As soon as the course has been set online by the corresponding teacher, you will find it in the "My courses and groups" area (under "Dashboard" or "Personal workspace").

Where in ILIAS can I find the courses I have registered for via ZEuS?

As soon as the responsible teacher has set the course online you will find it (as well as all courses you are a member of) in the area "My courses and groups" (under "Dashboard" or "Personal workspace").

How can I access content from past semesters?

You can find all courses you are a member of in the area "My courses and groups" (under "Dashboard" or "Personal workspace".