Online exams in computer labs using bwLehrpool

Since the beginning of summer semester 2023, it is possible to conduct online exams in computer labs using bwLehrpool ("bwLehrpool exams") in a trial phase.

These online exams allow the use of exclusively selected software. Additionally, internet access can be completely blocked or restricted to selected services. This exam format is particularly suitable for courses that include the teaching of specific software skills and the practical exams related to them.

Please note that the implementation of online exams in our computer labs using bwLehrpool is currently in a trial phase - meaning that in this early stage of introducing this service, we are continuously adjusting and improving our processes. We therefore recommend conducting mock exams to test the configuration before conducting grade-relevant exams.

Detailed information on planning and conducting bwLehrpool exams can be found in our guide.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information and support in planning your exam.

In order to request a bwLehrpool exam, please use the submission form below. Please review the important information and the guide linked on this website before deciding to submit a request. Please be sure to have also contacted the person responsible for exam planning in your department before.

Quick overview of essential information

For which exams are bwLehrpool exams particularly suitable?

Exams in the university computer labs with bwLehrpool are particularly suitable for events where the use of specialised software is part of the course content. This specific exam setup ensures that only the desired software can be used. Additionally, network access can be blocked or restricted in a way that only allows the authorised services to be used during the exam.

What does "bwLehrpool" mean?

"BwLehrpool" is the name of the infrastructure used, to provide specific operating systems and software offerings at the computer workstations in the university computer labs. Many university computer labs have been using bwLehrpool for several years now. What's new is our offering to provide pre-selected software, specifically for your exam using bwLehrpool and, if needed, incorporate the ILIAS exam environment.

Which rooms are available for bwLehrpool exams?

The computer labs J213 (40 seats), BS217 (23 seats), and G310 (19 seats) are suitable for bwLehrpool exams. If available, multiple rooms can also be used simultaneously for an exam. When you register a bwLehrpool exam with us, we will reserve the rooms for you. However, please verify in advance, whether the desired rooms are available on your exam date.

Which software can I use in bwLehrpool exams?

In general, you can use any software available in the computer labs for your exam setup, as long as it is part of the regular operation. An overview of available software can be found here: Software.

If you require additional software, please contact us at, so that we can clarify the procurement and licensing options together.

Can the ILIAS exam environment be used for bwLehrpool exams?

Certainly, we strongly recommend it. We can provide a link to the ILIAS exam directly on the desktop of the machine, allowing the participants to easily sign in. This way you can present exam tasks effortlessly, provide downloadable files/datasets, and it facilitates the submission of exam results.

How can I register for a bwLehrpool exam?

Please contact us directly: Together we can work out your software and configuration needs, and ensure that your desired setup is available in the computer lab at the time of your exam. If desired, we can also provide a course on the ILIAS exam platform, where you can distribute your exam tasks along with any necessary files/datasets and collect the exam submissions.