Module guides of the subject Education Science and of Third Subjects

Module guides support you by planning your studies. Bachelor's and Master's study programmes are comprised of various teaching units, in which usually multiple classes about a subfield are summarized. The teaching units are called modules. You can inform yourself about the individual modules and the qualification and learning goals in a study programme via these module guides. The module guides do not replace the examination regulations or the electronic course catalogue via ZEuS for organising your studies.

Education Science (BEd and MEd) 

Third subjects resp. additional subjects (M.Ed.).

The following subjects are not available for study as additional subjects: biology, political science, sport science, economics

Where can I find the module guides for Bachelor's and Master's study programmes and for teaching degree (BEd/MEd)?

The module guides for Bachelor's and Master's study programmes as well as the module guides for the teaching degree (BEd and MEd) can be found here.

Where can I find older versions of module guides?

If you are looking for an older version of your module guide, please contact the Departmental Student Advisory Service for your study programme directly or check the archive of previous module guides.