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Important note on the certification of examination documents

Students at the University of Konstanz who wish to have their degree certificate and/or the examination certificate certified have the option of doing so at a citizen's office, notary's office or a municipal administration, etc. In addition, there is also the option of obtaining an appropriate level of certification from the SSZ at level B4. At the SSZ, please present the original together with the copies of the examination documents to the staff at the green counter. Former students who are no longer on-site must ensure that the examination documents sent to them by the Central Examination Office are already available to them in person, so that they are available to the SSZ in principle.

Medical certificate form for withdrawing from examinations and extending thesis submission date

Mandatory enrolment for students

Plagiarism: Guidelines for preventing plagiarism

University logo: Notes on the use of the logo of the University of Konstanz on examination papers

Final theses

Under specific conditions, students can apply to receive university funds for the researching and writing of theses. More detailed information can be found here (currently in German).

Bachelor’s examinations

Master’s examinations

Magister examination