view of Lake Constance and the Alps
view of Lake Constance and the Alps

Study between Lake and Alps

Experience the University of Konstanz

At the University of Konstanz, we understand that innovative ideas thrive upon consistent dialogue and exchange between all academic disciplines. To create a university with open doors and short distances: you can perceive this founding principle all over campus. We have evolved into one of the leading young universities for this reason - both on the national and international level. In order to maintain and improve upon our successes, we continuously assess our aims and course of action: For quality research. For a culture of creativity.

Studying in Konstanz means...

  • studying at an internationally renowned research university
  • close ties between research and teaching
  • a campus university with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  • international and interdisciplinary
  • more than 10,000 students from more than 90 countries
  • access to cross-border leisure opportunities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • a fantastic location between Lake Constance and the Alps
  • international exchange programmes at 350 universities worldwide

What we can offer you


You will study at one of the world’s best young universities located in one of Germany’s most beautiful regions: At the University of Konstanz, you will learn and research at an internationally leading young research university. Our university has been successful in the German Excellence Initiative since 2007 and was ranked in 2016 as the 7th best young university in the world (“THE 150 Under 50”) and top ratings in the CHE University Ranking 2018. We can provide you a high quality research-oriented study experience - all in a friendly campus atmosphere on the shores of Lake Constance near the Swiss Alps. 

Teaching through research

To study in Konstanz means to have access to research infrastructure from the very beginning of your studies. You will profit from the Excellence Initiative's support and the well-funded facilities and research initiatives at the university. Current research findings continuously impact our teaching. Our interdisciplinary study programmes are therefore up-to-date with the latest developments in research and academia. 

Everything on one campus

  • university campus with all faculties and services in one location, at the shores of Lake Constance.
  • 24-hour library: where else can you study around the clock? Our excellent and newly renovated library is open 24 hours a day, including weekends. Besides the two million media items, our library provides extensive modern work and learning space.
  • Language Institute (SLI) with foreign language learning opportunities at no cost
  • university sports activities from A as in acrobatics to Z as in Zumba

Interdisciplinary and international studies

  • study programmes in the natural sciences and mathematics, in the humanities and in law, economics, politics and public administration
  • interdisciplinary study programmes: e.g. Life Science, Politics and Public Administration, Literature-Art-Media, Mathematical Finance
  • International master’s programmes: programmes taught in English and double degree options
  • more than 350 partner universities worldwide, making it a part of a global network of learning opportunities

International living

  • With a medieval town centre and green surroundings, the city of Konstanz offers a high standard of living and maintains a safe and protected environment.
  • live and learn what it means to be international at one of the preferred tourist destinations in Germany, near the border to both Switzerland and Austria. The city of Konstanz, with its unique location near the European Alps and on the shores of Lake Constance and the river Rhine, provides an exciting international atmosphere to learn, research and teach.