Sports Science – Bachelor of Science


Undergraduate study programme leading to a first degree and providing qualifications and skills for future employment.

The sports science programme at the University of Konstanz effectively combines theory and practice. In the lectures and seminars you will be dealing with theoretical, scientific-medical  areas of sport (in German) including anatomy, physiology, traumatology, sports medicine, biomechanics, training theory and sports therapy. From the social science perspective (in German) you will be concerned with sports teaching methods, sports education, sport psychology, sport sociology, sport history and sport philosophy.

In the practical-methodical courses you can expect not only the classic sports, such as apparatus gymnastics, track and field athletics, swimming, gymnastics/dance, basketball, football, handball and volleyball, but also a broad spectrum of sports such as educational adventures, acrobatics, high-diving, martial arts, tennis and badminton. Because of its excellent geographical location, the University of Konstanz is also able to offer its students a wealth of different sports courses. They include water sports (scuba diving, sailing, rowing, surfing), winter sports (cross country and alpine skiing, snowboarding) and mountain sports (bouldering, climbing, mountain biking).


DegreeBachelor of Science
Programme startWinter semester
Language(s)Deutsch | Englisch
Period of study6 semesters
Application deadline17.5. –  15.7.
Admission restrictionsyes
Number of places:47

Prospects and opportunities

Career prospects

There is a wide range of employment options for graduates with a degree in sports. The university prepares bachelor students for a career in a variety of institutions and professional fields. Examples of possible professional fields include:

  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Sporting goods manufacturers
  • Therapy, fitness and rehabilitation centres
  • Health insurance companies
  • Tourism operators
  • Competitive and top-level sport

Graduate studies

The University of Konstanz offers the international master's programme Sport Science.

Programme structure

Programme start

Winter semester

Academic structure

The study programme consists of the major subject sports science, a scientific minor or a general vocation-related minor subject (überfachlich-berufsfeldorientiertes Nebenfach = ÜBN), and courses for professional key skills.

The total number of 180 ECTS credits is distributed as follows:

  • 120 ECTS credits for the major subject sports science (including the bachelor thesis)
  • 40 ECTS credits for the ÜBN or the scientific minor subject
  • 20 ECTS credits for the key skills area

Depending on your individual interests, skills and career objectives, you will have substantial freedom to choose your specialist areas, and to shape your study contents in consultation with a mentor. Possible specialist areas are:

  • Biomechanics, training theory, training and coaching science, sports medicine
  • Sports therapy (rehabilitation, sports physiotherapy)
  • Education (educational adventures, dance education, health education)
  • Sport psychology
  • Social processes (sports management, sports tourism)

Additional information about the programme structure is available at the exam regulations (in German).

Internship and abroad


Periods of practical experience help you to clarify your vocational goals. You must complete an internship of at least 8 weeks within the bachelor's programme. The department (in German) or the university’s Career Service (in German) are here to help you find a suitable placement.

Study abroad

A period of study abroad is always highly recommendable. Equivalent study and exam achievements acquired during your stay will be recognised. You can spend semesters abroad at numerous European and non-European universities. The university enables study abroad via the ERASMUS programme and numerous other exchange programmes.

Why study Sports Science at Konstanz?

Sport science at the University of Konstanz offers a large variety of possibilities and is an official partner university of top-level sport.

In the summer our students can take part in activities on, around and in Lake Constance. These include above all sailing, surfing, rowing or scuba diving. But sports activities in the summer are not restricted to Lake Constance. The Alps are so close that you can discover new terrain by mountain biking, climbing and bouldering, as well as gather memorable experiences in the field of educational adventures.

Understandably, in the winter the mountains become the main focus of the university’s sporting activities. In the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria you have wonderful opportunities to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. And the winter also offers great new possibilities for hands-on educational adventures, such as igloo building.

What interests and skills should I have?

If you would like to study sport science, you need to be physically fit and, naturally, enjoy sports. You should also have an open attitude towards types of sports that you may never have tried before. In addition to this, studying sport science requires a high level of motivation, independence and interest in theoretical questions concerning sport science.

Language skills

Admission requirements

Applicants with German higher education entrance qualification:

  • general higher education entrance qualification, or
  • subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or
  • entrance for working applicants without higher education entrance qualification (special provisions (in German))

Applicants with higher education entrance qualification from abroad:

  • German general higher education entrance qualification, or
  • German subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, or
  • school graduation that permits higher education entrance in the home country and is recognised as equal to the German higher education entrance qualification 
  • assessment test (Studienkolleg (preparatory course))

Sports entrance test
You will have to pass the sports entrance test (in German)  before being admitted to the sport science study programme. In the test you will be asked to perform in the following disciplines:

  • Track and field athletics
  • Swimming
  • Apparatus gymnastics
  • Games (basketball, volleyball, handball, football)
  • Gymnastics (for female applicants only)

You will find videos of the sports entrance test on the webpages of the Fachgruppe Sportwissenschaft (in German) (sport science specialist group).

The test takes place once a year, usually at the end of May/beginning of June. To take part in the sports entrance test you must register by 15 May. You can register for the test online with the University of Konstanz. You can also take the test at other universities in Baden-Württemberg. Successful participants receive a certificate. This certificate is also valid at other universities in Baden-Württemberg. Similarly, the University of Konstanz also recognises the sports entrance test certificates from other Baden-Württemberg universities. The certificate is valid for the application procedure for the next three years
Students cannot be admitted to the sport science programme unless they have passed the sports entrance test. You will find more details about this on the website of the Fachgruppe Sportwissenschaft (in German). (sports science specialist group).

Documentation Orientation Test
When applying for admission at universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg you have to take an orientation test. The Baden-Württemberg orientation test (in German) is the most widely used test. Other recognised orientation tests are listed on the university websites (in German). Please send in your certificate of participation together with your application papers.


This study programme has admission restrictions. In the general selection process at the University of Konstanz 90% of the places are allocated to the most suitable applicants and 10% of the places are given to applicants with the longest waiting times. Suitability is determined by the average of your final grades in secondary education (university entrance qualification), your sporting achievements, (e.g. championships, competitions), vocational education/training that is relevant to the envisaged subject, professional or practical experience, or sports-pedagogical activities.

You will find the current regulations for the selection process according to suitability criteria or the aptitude test in the admission regulations (in German).

The study programme begins in the winter semester only. The application deadline is 15 July. There may be other deadlines if you are applying for admission to a higher semester (for instance, if you are changing subjects or universities). Please check the university website for more information.

Application documents

You can find an overview of all required application documents in your application for admission. You will get this application at the end of the online application process.