Biological Sciences – Master of Science


Graduate studies; requires an undergraduate university degree.

The University of Konstanz also offers the Bachelor's programme  Biologial Sciences.

Biology is the science of living systems. It examines the development, functioning and behaviour as well as the relationship between the individual organism and its environment. Modern biology selects from the diversity of organisms single objects that appear particularly suitable for certain issues in order to use them to study the basic phenomena of life, to analyse and interpret occurrences and processes that are common for all organisms and characteristic of them (Adolf Butenandt, Nobel Prize winner).
In addition to the current form of this Master’s programme, in the future, students will be able to select a certain profile (specialisation programme). The specialisation programme aims to give students the opportunity to attain further qualifications with scientific sound advanced knowledge in a specific area (focus). Planned focus areas are 1. “Ecology Evolution” 2. “Cellular Molecular Biology” and 3. “Disease Biology”. The number of places is in focus areas is limited.


DegreeMaster of Science
Programme startWinter semester & Summer semester
Period of study4 semesters
Application deadline17.5. - 15.6. | Mitte November - 15.1.
Admission restrictionsyes
Number of places:60

Prospects and opportunities

Career prospects

Fields of work that are suited for graduates include:

  • biotechnology, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, including the research, development departments, product control, in literature or in public service work
  • universities
  • Federal, state and other research institutions with responsibilities including in research, planning and control and monitoring of pollutants.

Programme structure

Programme start

Winter semester & Summer semester

Academic structure

3 study semesters, 1 semester for completion of the Master’s thesis

View the Study Plan.

Additional information about the programme structure is available at the exam regulations (in German).

Possible combinations

Internship and abroad


Study abroad

Stays abroad are possible and desired at numerous non-European universities. The University support stays abroad through the ERASMUS Programme and numerous other exchange programmes.

Why study Biological Sciences at Konstanz?

What interests and skills should I have?

Language skills

Teaching language and language(s) of instruction

Teaching language is English.

Admission requirements

  • Above-average degree in Biological Sciences (or a similar programme) from an institution of higher education or Berufsakademie (minimum degree: Bachelor of Science)
  • Basic English language skills, e.g. TOEFL (minimum of 90 points in internet-test), CPE (grade C), IELTS (band scale 6.0 or better), alternatively: evidence of three courses in English in a subject related programme of study of a previous studies or five year continuous English classes in a German speaking school (secondary school) (minimum 7 point or grade satis- factory); (except native speakers)

A detailed description of the admission requirements is found in the Admission Regulations of the University of Konstanz for this programme of study.


Please attach the following documents to your application:

  • application for admission, please attach a photograph
  • description of your career, study goals and desired course profile
  • documentation of your academic degree including details on course work and performance (ECTS-Credits and course hours per week , if applicable). If you have not received your degree certificate by the end of the application deadline, please attach a Transcript of Records
  • documentation of your preliminary final grade
  • basic English language skills, e.g. TOEFL (minimum of 90 points in internet-test), CPE (grade C), IELTS (band scale 6.0 or better) (except native speakers)
  • documentation of work experience (if applicable)
  • documentation of academic achievements (papers, publications, research activities, study and research stays abroad, if applicable)
  • documentation of relevant employment or training periods (if applicable)
  • evidence of prizes and awards (if applicable)
  • documentation of relevant volunteer work /extra-curricular activities (if applicable)
  • documentation of the average grade of your completed bachelor's programme
  • to apply for a focus area of study, please attach an informal application, stating the focus area according to § 7 para. 2 of the admission regulations. Please add a short letter of motivation.
  • current certificate of enrolment or proof of exmatriculation
  • formless application for recognition as a case of hardship (if applicable), please attach documentation

Application documents

You can find an overview of all required application documents in your application for admission. You will get this application at the end of the online application process.