Master's programmes with minimum grade of admission

Admission to undergraduate and graduate study programmes is governed by the admission regulations of the University of Konstanz. They contain vital information for all prospective students and supplement the applicable legal regulations, especially the Landeshochschulgesetz (state law on higher education), the Hochschulzulassungsgesetz (state law on higher education admissions) and the Hochschulvergabeverordnung Baden-Württemberg (state law on awarding admission to higher education programmes with admission restrictions).

Currently, only a limited number of examination regulations is available in English. We are working to resolve this and apologise for the inconvenience.

Biological Sciences MA 2.6

Regulations on the Selection Process for Admission to the Master’s Programme in Biological Sciences MA 2.6

Double Degree Master-Studiengang „European Master in Government“ MA 22.3

Double Degree Master's Programme „European Master in Government“ MA 22.3 (english version)

Economics MA 27.2

Master's Programme in Economics MA 27.2

Life Science MA 9.6

Life Science MA 9.6  (english version)

Literatur - Kunst - Medien MA 17.3

Politik- und Verwaltungswissenschaft MA 7.3

Political Economy MA 32.0

Master's Programme in Political Economy MA 32.0

Psychologie MA 10.6

Double Degree Master-Studiengang „Public Administration and European Governance“ MA 23.2

Doppelmasterstudiengang „Rechtsvergleichende Studien zum deutschen, europäischen und chinesischen Recht“ MA 34.0

Social and Economic Data Analysis MA 33.2

Social and Economic Data Science MA 33.3 (english version)

Sport Science (MSc) MA 4.0

Regulations on the admission of applicants to the Master's Programme in
Sport Science (MSc) MA 4.0

Transkulturelle Geschichte und Anthropologie MA 31.1

Wirtschaftspädagogik MA 25.5