Try out university study

Get a taste of university life? Check out our Schülerstudium!

Schülerstudium – studying while in school

Would you like to develop your abilities or try out a study subject before completing secondary school? You are welcome to take part in university courses while still in school! You can start earning credit points (ECTS credits) which can count towards your future degree. Participation requires prior approval from your school’s administration.

Attending lectures on site

Attending lectures can give you a relastic impression of what a field of study looks like. The lectures at the University of Konstanz are open to visitors. The first few weeks of a semester are ideal fo a visit. If you need advice which lectures are adequate for you or which of those are Englisch-speaking, please get in contact with us.

You can use the following link to have a look at the lectures. What are you interested in?

Schnupperstudium – explore university classes

Pupils are welcome to sit in on a few lectures and seminars in the History and Sociology, Psychology and Linguistics departments (further information in German only). This is a particularly intense way of getting to know a field of study.

If you only have a limited amount of time to explore university, e.g. during the week-long autumn break, you might be interested in our dedicated easter and autumn break programme.

Guest auditors

As a guest auditor or auditing student, you can take part in individual courses without necessarily having to study toward a degree. We can admit you as a non-degree seeking student within the available possibilities. You will not need to provide documentation of a (general) higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) in this case.