Vorlesung im Audimax
Vorlesung im Audimax

Study Days 2020 at the University of Konstanz: 10 - 12 March 2020

Get to know the University and the University's study programmes!

Information for pupils and other future students

What it’s all about

Have you heard a lot about universities but never been on the inside? Or are you specifically interested in studying at the University of Konstanz? Take the opportunity to get a general impression of both life at the university and specific fields of study during our Study Days, which we offer each March along with the HTWG Konstanz. You can also gather information on the requirements for studying as well as on possible career perspectives afterwards.

What can I do there?

The Study Days take place on three days in March. The same activities are offered each day so that as many future students as possible can benefit.

The day starts off at an event in the Audimax with some essential tips and orientation information. Afterwards, in the morning and afternoon, you can take part in a total of two activities targeted to your general area(s) of interest. The activities offered for each area of interest are very different: Sometimes they include an introductory lecture or a scientific question you can try your hand at. Or you can gather important information about a study programme and its requirements. Students are also on hand to answer your questions and to take time to talk with you. During your lunch break between activities, you can try out the cafeteria and enjoy the view of Lake Constance!

Who is invited?

The Study Days are especially for pupils in the 11th year at secondary schools (Gymnasium) in the region, because they are part of the required BOGY career and study orientation programme. Usually schools in the region attend with their entire grade level. The school registers to participate.

If your school is not taking part in the Study Days or you have already completed the 11th year of schooling – you can take part on your own. We can provide a certificate of attendance, if needed.