Online Self Assessment (OSA)

How much do you really know about your preferred study programme? Find out by taking a University of Konstanz Online Self Assessment (OSA)!

Our Online Self Assessment (OSA) tool is comprised of online self-tests for prospective students who want to test their knowledge about a particular study programme. The OSA includes a quiz on the content of the study programme while providing additional information about it. After completing the OSA, you will receive a certificate of participation and a personal feedback sheet comparing your expectations to the realities of the study programme.

When applying for admission at universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg you have to document having taken an orientation test. You can use your OSA certificate to fulfil this requirement.

Hier finden Sie alle OSAs der Universität Konstanz

Other reputable online orientation tests (offered in German) include, for example, the orientation test for Baden-Württemberg universities or the orientation test for teacher education studies in Baden-Württemberg.

What you need to know about OSAs

How useful are OSAs really?

OSAs can help you gain a first impression of your study programme and help you decide whether it’s the right one for you.

If you have general questions about studying at the University of Konstanz, we recommend that you consult with our student advisors. The University of Konstanz’s Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) will be happy to discuss your individual concerns and help you select a study programme that is right for you.

Will the outcome of my OSA influence my application?

No. Your test results will not have influence on your application. You will receive a certificate of participation at the end, though. When applying to the University of Konstanz, you can then submit this certificate to document that you have taken an orientation test. Taking an orientation test is mandatory if you want to study at a university in Baden-Württemberg.

Will the information I provide during the Online Self Assessment be stored?

No. Any information you provide is stored anonymously. We will not pass your data on to third parties.

I have not received confirmation that I participated in an OSA. What now?

Please check your email spam folder. If you don't find your confirmation there, you can simply re-take the OSA. At the end, you will receive another confirmation.