Meet the university’s central advisory services

There are numerous service providers at the University of Konstanz that can assist you on a wide range of topics. The new series "Meet the..." showcases the many free advisory and support services at our university.

Who can help me address study-related organizational issues? Who can I contact if I suffer from examination anxiety, and which service provider can help me start my career?

It’s not always easy to find the right contact person when you are in the middle of organizing your course schedule, preparing for your exams or looking for an internship. The series "Meet the..." helps both current and prospective students to find their way on campus and shows them which free advisory and support services are available at our university. Besides introducing the university’s central advisory services, you will gain insight into their daily work and learn how to find them on campus.

The series "Meet the..." is produced by the KOS project (Konstanz Online Study information system) in collaboration with the university’s central advisory services.

Episode 1: Meet the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

The Central Student Advisory Service, also known in short as the ZSB, is your first point of contact before, during and after your studies. Its expert students advisors provide current and prospective students personalized and confidential advice and support on key study-related topics.

Episode 2: Meet the Career Service

The Career Service is the interface between the university and employers. Students, doctoral students as well as graduates of the University of Konstanz will find a wide range of support services to prepare them for an optimal transition from their studies to their careers.