Favourite place

Follow students from the University of Konstanz across the campus and get to know very special places.

Whether on the university roof terrace, in the library café or in the green Hockgraben - the University of Konstanz offers many a hidden place where you can relax with friends, drink coffee or simply enjoy the beautiful view.

Follow the insider tips of our students and discover their favourite places on and around the campus of the University of Konstanz.

"The Pfalzgarten is an open, sunny place where you can have your peace and quiet." says Levi (B.A. Soziologie) about the Pfalzgarten in the middle of the old town of Constance.

"Incredibly beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets." Follow Rahsan (Law) to her favourite place directly near at the lake - the university's own water sports area.

"In between or after the lectures I like to sit down in the Bib-Café, either alone or with fellow students. "That's what Jana (Law) says about her favourite place - the Bib Café at the University of Konstanz.

"Experience some nature in the middle of campus." That can be Rebecca (M.Sc. Computer and Information Science) at her favorite place of the University Terrace N-Library.

"A little secret tip" is for Mete (M.Sc. Computer and Information Science) his favourite place at the water feature in the side courtyard of the university.

"From the morning sun to the sunset, it's always beautiful here!" Ziad (M.Sc. Computer and Information Science) shows his favourite place on the Mensa roof terrace.

"Here I can just switch off and still be there!" This is how Philip (M.Sc. Computer and Information Science) describes his favourite place of the water sports area