Create a PocketGuide

Do you want to create a PocketGuide for your study programme? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Creating your PocketGuide is easy! It involves a streamlined design process deliberately devised for users and the daily university routine in Konstanz. In four simple steps, we work with you to create a completely individualized PocketGuide for your field of study.

Step 1: Create a prototype

Submit a request to the KOS team to have them design a prototype for your PocketGuide.  We then research existing study programme-related content and media and integrate them into an example format.

Step 2: Introductory workshop

The prototype and the format options will be presented at an introductory workshop for interested individuals from the respective department or field of study. Content, design principles and the next steps will be decided upon during this workshop. You will receive the prototype and an online catalogue with an overview of the various design options and the necessary content and media.

Step 3: Ongoing content development

To further develop specific content, you can either arrange appointments with our team to work directly with us on implementing your ideas, or send us content and media that you selected in the available online catalogue. You will be able to review any newly added content before your PocketGuide is finalised.

Step 4: Delivery

Once the content development process is completed, all approved content will be included in your PocketGuide. The PocketGuide is then ready to be accessed via a link and can be added to both your department website and the Central Student Advisory Service/Project KOS websites.

PocketGuides overview