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Job Shadowing

your one day job experience

As a job shadow you follow (i.e. “shadow”) a professional for one day at work. You do not participate in working but simply observe your job shadowing partner during their usual working day.

Job Shadowing offers you the opportunity to get to know the work routine in a specific professional field or company in a very short time. It can help you to get information about different career prospects and business cultures, and to establish first professional contacts.

How to proceed

How do I apply / contact a prospective host company?

  • Choose a company / field of work from the list of participating businesses.
  • Then fill out the application form and include details on your curriculum vitae (resume).
  • We will forward your application to the requested company.
  • If the company approves your application, we will then provide you with the relevant contact information to plan your job shadowing day.
  • You contact the company and clarify all the relevant details directly with them.

Here’s how job shadowing works:

  • You and your contact at the business clarify all the relevant details.
  •  The job shadowing day can include the following parts:

    • Welcome, introduction, formalities
    • Tour of the company
    • Job shadowing during everyday work
    • A short discussion of the day

After the job shadowing day:

  •  Send a thank you email and provide the company and your job shadowing partner with your feedback.
  •  Send Career Service a short experience report (max. 1 page in DIN A4 format): What did you like, what could be improved, etc.
  • Keep in touch with the company if you enjoyed your experience!

What do you need to do?

  • Prepare for the job shadowing day. Find out about the company and your job shadowing partner’s responsibilities.
  •  Prepare your initial email or phone call to contact the company. Clarify the following: date, time, sequence of events, expectations, dress code, meeting location, etc.
  • Prepare questions to ask during your job shadowing day.
  • Arrive at your meeting location on time. If you need to cancel your appointment, please let both your contact person in the company and Career Service know ahead of time.
  • Company regulations apply to you while you are a visitor.
  • Express your interest in what is happening.
  • Clear up any remaining questions during your final discussion of the day and give your feedback on the experience. Ask if you can stay in touch.
  • Write a thank you email to the company and your job shadowing partner.
  • Write a short experience report (max. 1 page) and send it to Career Service.

What do you gain?

  • You can experience an authentic workday.
  • You can gain insight into a company’s culture.
  • You can get a feel for a field of work / job responsibilities.
  • You can meet important business contacts.

Tips for a successful shadowing day

  •  Express your interest in what is happening and be well-informed.
  •  Find out about the company by visiting its website.
  •  Prepare questions to ask.
  •  Observe the everyday work going on around you. Make notes of what you would like to discuss at the end of the day.
  •  If you enjoyed the experience, ask if you can stay in touch.

Participating businesses

You will find a list of currently participating businesses here.


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