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The Career Passport Programme

Your steps towards professionalism.

Successfully combining career orientation and your studies

Career orientation begins with your studies. You can hear that from all sides. And in fact, you should start to set the course for your future working life during your Master's programme at the latest. Even if that means taking on additional activities on top of your study programme. However, good preparation is rewarding!

The University of Konstanz supports you with its Career Passport Programme (CPP). With the CPP, we offer you a structured and manageable preparation for the German job market that can be easily integrated into your everyday study life. Over three to four semesters, you will complete various activities (modules) in a different range of subjects. Don't worry, all the modules are offered in English.  At the end you will receive an official CPP-certificate.

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Twice awarded as Best-Practice-Initiative 

The Career Passport programme has already been awarded twice as a best practice initiative. The DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service - supported the project initiative between 2015-2017 within the Stibet II funding series "T.E.A.M. - Tutoring.Employability.AcademicCulture.Mentoring".

And the Stifterverband as well awarded the Career Passport programme 2018 with 50,000 euros as an innovative project within the MINTernational Innovative Competition

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How does it all work?

The Career Passport is built on four pillars (subject areas)  and takes around three semesters to complete. You complete four compulsory and different elective modules based on the four pillars: application knowledge, German language skills, specialist and interdisciplinary key qualifications and practical experience in industry and business.

Each successfully completed module and the practical period is documented in your Career Passport.  At the end you submit your Career Passport online to the Career Service and receive your certificate.

Pillar I: Apply

Successfully applying for jobs in Germany may seem like a secret language. The activities in this pillar help you to uncover the hidden stumbling blocks. Learn about how to reach out to employers, how to make the most of a career fair and how to write a successful job application in Germany – this might be very different from what you would do in your home country, even if the process may look similar on the surface.

Pillar II: Speak

Speaking German makes it easier to get around in Germany and is a skill highly valued by employers – also in international companies. According to a study conducted by the Institute for Employment Research (available in German), international professionals who speak German very well earn around 20 per cent more than those who do not. What are you waiting for?

Pillar III: Live

You don’t want to experience another culture shock when leaving university? Be prepared. Take courses in communication, social and personal skills or project management.

Pillar IV: Work

Whether as an intern or while writing your master’s thesis in a company: study-related work experience often paves the way for your first job after graduating.

Programme steps in brief

Get your Career Passport

Register for your Career Passport online by using the registration form.

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Get started by choosing your first activities. We recommend that you start with the mandatory activities, followed by the compulsory elective activities. Please always check for the registration deadlines that apply to all activities.

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Stay in the loop

We regularly inform about events in our CPP newsletter and on facebook. Furthermore, you can find all events during the semester on the CPP website.

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The must-haves

Complete all mandatory activities and at least five compulsory elective activities. Take your time – it may take around three semesters to complete the programme. Always bring your Career Passport booklet if you cannot register for an activity through ZEuS.

The icing on the cake

Take as many compulsory elective activities as you wish, but at least five. 

Ready for graduate life

To get your certificate, it takes two steps: the first is to submit all the activities you have done  and upload the Career Passport. The Career Service will then give you an appointment to pick up your certificate. On this date you should show a transcript of records listing the subject courses or SQ courses you took part in as well as a letter from your employer confirming that you completed your internship/master's thesis in their company or did voluntary work for an international student organisation. 

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