You have a variety of options to pinpoint your own goals, interests and strengths. Taking a self-analysis test is one of your possibilities.

The following tests aim to uncover your interests, character traits and abilities. The results can help you gain a clearer view of your personal potential.

You should, however, take care to review the results critically. Descriptions which do not seem to fit you could, however, motivate you to consider a particular area in greater detail.

You should not interpret the test results to be the only valid, permanent truth, since many factors influence these results, including: your levels of concentration and motivation as well as your interpretation of the questions. Have fun trying them out!

Vocational aptitude tests

Most test providers cooperate with the geva-Institut (a business and recruitment consulting firm specialised in career diagnostics), which means that the tests are usually very similar:

You complete them online and receive the results via email about five days later in a ten to twelve page report. The results can also be delivered by mail for an additional fee. Several vocational aptitude tests are offered free of charge by different test providers.

The tests listed here are available online and are either completely free or available at a limited cost.

Which prospective subject or career would be a good fit for me?

The study orientation test (OT) developed by the Universities of Konstanz and Hohenheim is free of charge and analyses which field of study and which career would best suite your own personal inclinations. The interests section of the OT takes about 10-15 minutes to complete; we recommend taking the additional time to complete the skills and abilities section as well. You will then receive an evaluation which includes information about your own study interests and abilities as well as recommendations for a prospective study programme and possible career paths.

Career and study orientation test - Borakel

Detailed test to determine the candidates’ aptitude for various study programmes offered by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (also useful if you want to study a corresponding subject elsewhere).

HVB potential analysis

The analysis reveals personality competencies and individual potential related to selected common career situations and their requirements. The test takes about 45 minutes and is available for free. You will, however, need to register to take the test.

Vocational aptitude test

The test developed by the geva-Institut analyses students’ and graduates’ personalities, career motivation and social skills. It provides you with an overview of your professional interests.