Salary benchmarks

One of the most difficult questions to answer before starting your career is: how much can I earn? We have collected a few salary benchmarks to help you get oriented.

This page (in German) provides a good overview but does not answer detailed questions about specific professions.
The salary benchmarks (in German) are arranged alphabetically by country or profession. The page is a good starting point for further research. It also includes tax and pension calculations.
This page (in German) provides a very detailed overview, split into business sectors and specific fields. Salary overviews are calculated for New and Old Economy, public service and medium-sized enterprises. You can also check your current salary and calculate your net earnings.
This salary benchmark provides a very detailed overview (in German) of over 383 professions and is free of charge. The Hans-Böckler-Foundation’s Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) administers the site.
The page (in German) includes a free salary calculator as well as many links about salaries, pensions and unemployment benefit.
The German site provides salary recommendations, earnings analyses and salary tables. It also includes handy tax tips.
The German page’s earnings analyses are separated into employer and employee sections. Tests are also offered for a fee.
The German and French website includes a salary calculator from the Schweizerischer Gewerkschaftsbund (an alliance of Swiss unions).
The German, French and Italian website includes a salary calculator provided by the Swiss government.