External internship and job portals (in German)

In addition to our own internship and job portal, you can use this page to access additional online internship and job portals that we have either tested ourselves or that have been recommended to us by students and graduates.

Our own internship and job portal includes job openings that employers send us daily. These advertisements are also hung on the “job walls” in the entrance area and inside the Student Service Centre (SSZ). They are also forwarded to the relevant departments. You can access the portal using your university email address and password. If you have already graduated, you can submit an online registration form to access it.

To provide you with a better overview, we have separated the following job portals by category.

Meta-job search engines

Meta-job search engines browse job portals or company websites for relevant job openings.

Large job portals

There are several very large job portals that publish a large number of internship and job openings.

Internship portals

The following portals specialise in internship openings. You can often also find trainee or career entry positions.

Departmental internship databases

Here you can find the internship and job databases for the following departments:

Trainee positions

Companies offer a broad range of trainee programmes. These pages provide an overview of the different programmes and give suggestions for finding a trainee position.

Career entry positions

These job portals are especially for students, graduates and young professionals. They also provide extensive information for your career start.


Daily and weekly newspapers publish job advertisements in both their print and online editions.

Completing a student project or thesis in a business and other options

You can gain practical work experience in different projects as well; it does not always have to be an internship!

Regional search

Regional newspapers usually also contain local job openings. If you would like to work in a particular region, you should definitely use the local press as a resource.