Mitarbeiterin an der Tastatur
Mitarbeiterin an der Tastatur

Career websites

A wide range of sources are available for you to get to know a prospective career along with its requirements and characteristics better. Most of this information about different business sectors and careers is available for free.

  • Take a peek at a wide range of careers and job histories by visiting the career website Whatchado and accessing over 1,600 video interviews there. You can also use its “job-dating” function to see the careers that people like you pursue.
  • Visit the Berufenet career information site from the Arbeitsagentur (federal job agency) for descriptions of careers and the associated responsibilities, skills and prerequisites. You will also find further links there.
  • Karista is a career website for graduates and assists you with discovering potential careers and finding a job.

If you need further inspiration, you are welcome to join in our events. You can make valuable professional contacts at our annual career fair Kontaktpunkt each November.