Career fairs

Careers provide you with many opportunities:

  • You can directly contact employers who are specifically of interest to you.
  • You receive information about a company firsthand.
  • You make personal contact with human resources personnel and experts from interesting companies.
  • You discuss career topics with experts.
  • You test your ability to present yourself and gain insight into different company cultures.
  • You develop a feel for what interests employers, what you need to consider when applying and which key competencies are important for companies.

How can you best use this opportunity for reaching your goals? The following information provides a good overview on preparation and follow-up tasks for conventions.

We wish you much success!

- Which goals do you want to reach?

- Make a list of all the exhibitors you would like to visit.

- Gather information on these companies.

- Which questions would you like to ask company representatives?

A career fair is not just for gathering information. You should also be able to present yourself well.

Do you know where you stand? Are you familiar with your strengths and weaknesses? If so, you are ready to go!

If not, you are invited to take part in one of the Career Service workshops about preparing for career fairs, your job-search and your career entry.

Please take the following items with you to the career fair:

- the exhibitor catalogue and any other information you have collected about the companies

- the questions you would like to have answered

- a few full job applications (three to four are usually enough since not every recruiter needs a complete application, several curriculum vitaes)

- business cards (optional)

- Creating a flyer for yourself is an ideal solution: it is a combination of business card and curriculum vitae on a page size between DIN A4 and A5. The flyer includes the most important information about you: address, job title, most important stages of your curriculum vitae, a professional photo, target business sector and career goals. This kind of flyer is easy to give away and demonstrates media competence.

- a suitable bag for carrying information material, your presentation materials, a notebook and pens/pencils

Keep your conversations short and to the point. Approach exhibitors in a friendly and interested way. If you speak to someone about your own age: avoid acting too chummily. Even if there is only a minimal age difference between you, you should still treat each other with respect.

Did someone request your application materials via mail? Definitely send them your application within a few days!

Did you give someone your application at the fair and was someone from the company supposed to contact you? Wait about two weeks and then contact the company yourself.

Keep your contacts active. Use your notes to remind yourself of what you talked about!

kontaktpunt career fair

Making the right selection

Depending on which career fair you choose, you will have to prepare yourself accordingly. To start making your selection, have a look at our list of interesting fairs for different fields of study. You may attend traditional career fairs as well as other events which you can use to directly contact prospective employers.

Absolventenkongress (for graduates)

Who? all fields of study

Where? different locations


Who? business economics, IT, engineering fields

Where? different locations


Who? all fields of study

Where? in Nuremberg and Augsburg


Who? all fields of study

Where? different locations


Who? all fields of study

Where? different locations

Hohenheim Consulting Week

Who? all fields of study

Where? in Stuttgart-Hohenheim


Who? economics, business law, business economics, IT fields

Where? in Frankfurt am Main and Luxembourg


Who? law field

Where? different locations in Germany


Who? all fields of study

Where? in Darmstadt and Dortmund


Who? all fields of study

Where? in Konstanz


Who? all fields of study

Where? different locations in Germany


Who? all fields of study

Where? different locations in Switzerland

T5 JobMessen

Who? health care, life science, engineering and computer science fields

Where? different locations


Who? all fields of study

Where? in Friedrichshafen