Made the wrong decision? Hit a dead end?

If you are thinking about dropping out of uni, you are neither the first nor the last student to do so. About one quarter of all students in Germany drop out of university. The reasons for doing so are varied and include lack of interest, funding problems and the inability to fulfil the demands of the study programme.

These pages are designed to help you find your way. Please use our services!

Should you drop out or carry on with your studies?


If you haven’t decided yet whether to drop out or to carry on and finish your degree, there are many ways to reach the decision that is right for you.

First, you should think carefully about whether you are realistically able to complete your degree, including the effort you need to make to reach this goal. Contact your departmental student advisory service for help with doing this. It’ll be much easier to make the right decision once you have gotten an idea of the work and time you will need to put in. The university’s Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) or Seezeit Psychotherapeutic Counselling (PBS) can help.

If you experience difficulties that are not directly related to your subject, you can contact any of the following University of Konstanz services to get the support you need:

- Writing Centre

- Courses offered by the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

- Seezeit social counselling.

Getting re-oriented?

You should start thinking about alternatives before you exmatriculate.

Our orientation test can help you find study programmes or careers that correspond with your personal interests. Please contact the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) to discuss the results.

If you’re after in-depth guidance regarding your professional future, we recommend that you attend our BEST seminars. These two-day workshops take place regularly, both at the University of Konstanz and at other locations across Baden-Württemberg. For more information, please visit

Want to change your study programme or your university?

If you want to continue studying but are considering changing both your subject and your university, you can make an appointment with the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB).

As an independent service, the ZSB can help you with your new start. You might go online first to find out about possible study programmes.

Please go to to find out about study programmes available in Baden-Württemberg (page in German), or visit to learn about study programmes available elsewhere in Germany (page in English).

Thinking about vocational training?

Training for a profession might be an interesting alternative to completing a university degree, especially if you found your study programme too abstract. Information about various vocational training programmes is available (in German) from

The Arbeitsagentur (federal job agency), Industrie- und Handelskammern (chambers of industry and commerce) as well as the Handwerkskammern (chambers of skilled crafts) organise information and orientation events and offer consultation services to help you choose the right vocational training.

If your vocational training is related to the content of your studies, you may be able to finish your programme early.

Want to join the workforce with the training you have?

While it is true that you will need a university degree to start a career in most professions, there are many who are extremely successful without having earned a degree. If you have professional experience outside the university, you may be able to start working right away.

The Career Service will be glad to assist you with your job search. Besides offering personal advice, you may also benefit from our lectures and workshops.

Thinking about starting a business?

If you have a great business idea, now might be a great time to act on it.

Campus Startup Konstanz offers support and advice to all Konstanz students wanting to start a business.

The IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and the Technologiezentrum Konstanz offer start-up seminars and other services.

Finances etc.

There are a few formalities you need to take care of when you exmatriculate. We recommend that you collect the necessary information well ahead of time. Here is a small check list of the places you should contact before exmatriculating:

- Student Service Centre (SSZ)

- BAFöG office, if you are receiving funding through the BAföG (German Federal Training Assistance Act)

- your health insurance provider

- the agency responsible for paying your child benefit (Kindergeld)

- Ausländerbehörde (foreigners registration office) (if you have been issued a residence permit to study in Germany)

You can also contact Seezeit social counselling if you have any questions.