Job Application Café - Weaknesses in your CV

Wednesday, 30. November 2022
14:00 - 15:00


Career Service, Universität Konstanz

Eva Maisel, Career Service, Universität Konstanz

Looking for a job can be quite lonely and nerve-wracking - not just since Corona. You sit alone in front of the PC, create documents, send them and hope for a positive answer. Yet you can be sure – you are not the only person in this situation right now.

Are you wondering how other job seekers are tackling their applications? Join our Job Application Café and find out! Meet up with other job seekers, chat about your experiences and exchange ideas – supported by the Career Service. Each session will have a short input before we discuss your own questions and topics:

On 30 November we will talk about: Weaknesses in your CV

You get nervous when you want to write your CV? Don't despair: even with large gaps, changes of study programme or a lack of practical experience, you can design your CV in a way that highlights your strengths. We'll discuss a few ideas today!

Further upcoming topics will be:

  • 14 December: Self-presentation
    If you've ever had a job interview, you've probably answered this question: "Can you please tell us about yourself?" Today we'll discuss how you can give an answer that gets to the point and highlights your strengths.
  • 11 January: Understanding job ads
    You have read numerous scientific papers during your studies and think you can understand even complicated texts? And now you read a job ad and wonder what they actually want from you? That is quite normal. We take a closer look at the text genre "job ad" and find out what helpful information is hidden behind the wording and the layout.
  • 25 January: Salary expectations
    "What are your salary expectations?" Especially young professionals are often nervous when the interview comes to salary. How can you prepare well to be able to negotiate confidently?
  • 8 February: What can I use LinkedIn for?
    A LinkedIn account is not a must, but it can be useful at one point or another in the application process. We look at some of the features that can help you network and research.

The Job Application Café takes place every two weeks and you are free to join us regularly, occasionally, or only one time – just as it suits you best. German and international students are both very welcome!

Participation is free of charge. Please register in order to stay informed about short term changes for this event. Or just join us using this link.