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Summer/Winter Schools

participate in Research Schools worldwide. Some Schools are supported by the SFB and/or are organized by members of the SFB.  Current announcements and information on summer and winter schools can …

Joint research projects

in Stuttgart . Junior researchers in the SFB are supported by the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG Nano).   The spokesperson of the SFB 767 is Professor Wolfgang Belzig from the [...] SFB 767  The Collaborative Research Center 767   " Controlled Nanosystems: Interaction and [...] provides a solid foundation for nanoscale research activities at the University of Konstanz. The SFB initiative addresses the challenge of achieving a detailed understanding of the interaction of nan …

Killing Cells In and Out of Mitosis

: Vortrag,Biologie

11. Dezember 2018

15:15 Uhr

A 704

SFB 969 seminars …

Regular Seminars

SFB 767 Colloquium on "Controlled Nanosystems" Responsible: Prof. Wolfgang Belzig (Spokesperson of SFB 767); Thursday, 15:15 in P603 …

Course Lectures

courses relevant to the research in the SFB are offered. These are open to all members of the University of Konstanz, and the doctoral researchers in the SFB are encouraged to attend these lectures. The …

Student Retreats

Such meetings should strengthen the communication between the doctoral members and the PIs of the SFB and should be held at an off-campus location (e.g. at the alpine hut of the University of Konstanz) [...] should present their work to the others. Also organizational aspects of the doctoral work within the SFB and at the University of Konstanz can be discussed. …


→  Normalverfahren Project →  SFB 767 : "Controlled Nanosystems: Interaction and Interfacing to the Macroscale" →  SFB 1214 : "Anisotropic Particles as Building Blocks: …

Girls Physics Camps (KonPhys Camps)

the Ministry of Science and Arts (MWK) of the state Baden-Württemberg. They were supported by SFB 767 until 2015. The gender pyramid in physics shows a low but rather constant ratio of females [...] sciences and in technology. This is the starting point of the particular gender equality program of our SFB. In order to further increase the number of women physicists, more girls in the age of school students [...] (Bachelor, Master, teaching degree, doctoral researchers). Many of these students work within the SFB 767. The pedagogical concept of the camps was developed by Prof. Thomas Götz (Chair for Educational …