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Mini-Symposia Important Links Mini-symposia on current research topics in the fields of the SFB are organized by the PhD students . A mini-symposium lasts typically 1-3 days and includes 1-4 external speakers. This will give the students the possibility to learn from external [...] for the research taking place in the SFB 767 area C projects, but everyone is welcome. Organization: Matthias Münks (MPI Stuttgart, AG Kern) and David Weber (Universität Konstanz, AG Scheer) Homepage …

SFB 767 Symposium "Controlled Nanosystems"

Mon 18 – Tue 19 November 2019 in Konzil, Konstanz Speakers Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bratschitch, U Münster Prof. Dr. Daniele Brida, U of Luxemburg (L) Dr. Axel Bruchhausen, Centro A …

Board of SFB1214

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Organization of SFB1214

Organization of SFB1214 The SFB1214 is managed by the executive board. This board is builded by five elected representetivs for the following tasks: Speaker of SFB1214 Representative for project area A Representative for project area B Head of integrated research training group Head of particle analysis center The board is supervised by the research council of the SFB1214. Members of the research council are: PIs of SFB1214 Representative of scientific employees Representativ of non …


IRTG: Integrated Research Training Group The Integrated Research Training Group 'Chemistry and physics of nanostructured multi-component systems’ will be established as qualification and training platform for the doctoral researchers of this SFB. On top of the general support network and well-established training strategies of the existing [...] Coordination: Stephan Siroky and Desiree Bruttel Room: L835 Tel.: +49 7531 88-4529 E-Mail: Send email …


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Projects of the SFB1214

Projects of SFB1214 Projects of SFB1214 are subdivided in two areas. Project area (A) will focus on particles with shape anisotropy and their individual properties. Project area (B) will focus on the dynamics and interactions in ensembles of anisotropic particles and particle superstructures [...] B7: Self-assembly of anisotropic colloids with selective pair interactions Projects of the SFB1214 …

SFB 767 Colloquium: Spin transport through antiferromagnetic insulators

SFB 767: Physics,colloquiums

11. Januar 2018

15:15–16:30 Uhr

P 603

Antiferromagnets fast becoming popular materials in spintronics. Unlike ferromagnets, however, they typically require high magnetic fields or an additional magnetic layer in order to support a spin cu …