The Woodworking and Plastics Processing team constructs and/or customises laboratory equipment components not otherwise available for purchase. The extensive on-hand stock of wooden, flat glass and plastic semi-finished products creates the ideal conditions for us to quickly and easily fill customer orders. We can work on all types of wood, various kinds of aluminium, flat glass and a broad spectrum of plastics/synthetics. An expansive collection of machinery as well as personnel with extensive experience in this field are available for all your woodworking and plastics processing needs.

Our woodworking and plastics processing services include:

The following are available for work on wooden and plastic components:

  • 5-axis machining center
  • Panel saw
  • Sliding table saw
  • Surface grinder
  • Planer
  • Profile milling machine
  • Automatic edge-joining machine
  • Heatable flat press
  • 8-way combination milling machine
  • Heatable bending device

Contacts for Woodworking and Plastics Processing

Team Leader

<link textlink>Georg Ritzi

Phone: +49 7531 88 ­2226 or -8048

Room W 531

Alternative Representative

<link>Peter Nietsch

Phone +49 7531 88 -2226

Room W 531