The Precision Mechanics team plans, develops, manufactures and customises precision mechanics devices and equipment. Its centrally located workshop is quick to reach and an easy choice for researchers requiring technical collaboration. Our extensive stock of semi-finished products and normed parts on hand assure short lead times. We can work with almost any kind of metal, synthetic and ceramic material. An extensive supply of machinery as well as competent specialist personnel are available for all your machining needs.

Our precision mechanics services include:

Component manufacturing:

  • CNC milling machines (with up to 5 axes)
  • High speed cutting
  • CNC lathing
  • Flat grinding
  • Circular grinding
  • Drilling

Component customisation:

  • Ultrasound diamond drilling
  • Ultrasound drilling
  • Diamond sawing
  • Superfine drilling
  • Spark eroding
  • Tempering and annealing

We also:

  • Distribute normed parts and semi-finished products
  • Distribute small tools
  • Provide technical support to academic staff

Contacts for Precision Mechanics

Team Leader

Daniel Jordan

Phone: +49 7531 88 ­2544

Room W 0521

Alternate Representative

Michael Weiland

Phone: +49 -2544 88 ­2544 or -4368

Room W 519