The Apparatus Construction team plans, develops, constructs or repairs apparatuses, equipment and special components as requested by researchers. Our extensive stock of semi-finished products on hand assures that we can quickly satisfy your requirements. We can work with all kinds of steel, aluminium and various special materials. A variety of welding methods, extensive machinery for sheet metal working as well as competent specialist personnel are available for all your apparatus construction needs. We use Software Inventor from Autodesk to create workshop drawings or 3D-view drawings. Besides being able to document the apparatuses and components to be constructed, we are also able to simulate and test their functions in advance.

Our apparatus construction services include:

Welded constructions:

  • Arc welding
  • Autogenous gas welding
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas welding)
  • MIG (metal inert gas welding)
  • Microplasma welding
  • Laser beam welding
  • UHV (ultra high vacuum) welding
  • Soldering

Sheet metalworking:

  • Power shears up to 3 metres wide
  • Segment sheet metal folder 3 metres in size
  • Rolling device for cylindrical/conical parts
  • Pipe bending device
  • Water jet cutter system

Additional responsibilities and production methods:

  • Providing technical support to academic staff
  • Thermal work on steel/special purpose steel
  • Component repair
  • Corrosion protection and coatings
  • Assembly and disassembly of heavy machinery
  • Distribution of semi-finished products
  • Tools and machine planning

Contacts for Apparatus Construction

Team Leader

<link textlink>Ekkehard Moser

>Phone: +49 7531 88 ­2203 or -3751

Room W 522


<link textlink>Christoph Loeble

Phone +49 7531 88 -3751, Room W 523