Nano and Materials Science

Research in the area of Nano and Materials Science at the University of Konstanz addresses challenging questions in the field of condensed matter and materials, ranging from fundamental questions on the quantum properties of matter to advanced materials and high-level applications. Fundamental quantum technologies present a new paradigm by making – often elusive – quantum effects accessible for sensing, computing and information applications. Creating materials with novel mechanical, optical, electronic or magnetic properties by controlling the assembly of nanostructures and their interaction will make new functionalities available for a broad range of applications, including high-tech materials and nanoscale energy management.

Research in this field has close links with and is driven by the researchers in our DFG-funded CRC 767 “Controlled Nanosystems: Interaction and Interfacing to the Macroscale” and CRC 1214 “Anisotropic Particles as Building Blocks: Tailoring Shape, Interactions, and Structures”, in combination with the Centre for Applied Photonics (CAP) and the departments of Chemistry and Physics.