Life Sciences: Chemical Biology and Ecology

Our research in chemical biology focuses on how physiological processes can be steered at a molecular and atomic level. It aims to characterise individual proteins and to determine the interactions between the basic macromolecular building blocks of a cell.

Our researchers work at the interface between biology and chemistry. Bioinformatics develops innovative analysis methods to help cope with the huge data volumes generated in the life sciences. Besides the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology, which plays a central role in all of this, the University of Konstanz also hosts a significant stress and trauma research unit.

Ecology not only covers limnology (the study of inland waters as ecosystems), but also and above all animal migration and its impact on the ecosystems. Here, we closely collaborate with the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell and Seewiesen. The Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Computer and Information Science are all deeply involved in our research area of chemical biology, complemented by working groups from the Departments of Physics and Psychology.