Studierende bei der Gruppenarbeit
Group work

Cultural Studies

Research in cultural studies at the University of Konstanz stands out because cultural processes are addressed through epoch-spanning perspectives in relation to their socio-structural conditions and circumstances. “Culture” is therefore neither understood as a subject area nor as a society’s collective repository of meaning, but rather as a historically mutable means of producing meaning.

Studies on the processes of integration and disintegration are currently the main focus. These aim to develop descriptive models for decentralised forms of socialisation. The global focus (comparative religious studies, ethnology) of our Cluster of Excellence facilitates the reconsideration of established terminological-conceptual definitions advanced by Western traditions.

The Cluster of Excellence brings together fundamental and theory-oriented research with more empirically oriented research. History, literary studies and sociology are at the core of the cluster, while also incorporating law, politics and public administration as well as philosophy.