Health Sciences

The Health Sciences at the University of Konstanz examine challenges and threats to human health caused by ageing, toxic exposure, risk behaviours, inactivity or stress across molecular and behavioural scales through interdisciplinary cooperation between biology/toxicology, psychology, sport science and computer science. Important contributions are currently made by the DFG-funded Research Unit “The Dynamics of Risk – Perception and Behaviour in the Context of Mental and Physical Health” (FOR 2374), by “SMARTACT”, which explores interventions promoting normal eating and physical activity through mobile technology, as well as by the MARK-AGE project, which identifies biomarkers of human ageing.

Research in this area is supported by the new Human Performance Research Centre (HPRC), which was inaugurated on campus in 2018 and features state-of-the-art technology for large-scale health studies, including four sport science laboratories that can be used to analyse all aspects of performance, exercise and physical stress.