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„Anima Mundi“. Exhibition on migration by Illustrator George Butler (London)

Tuesday, 11. June 2019
– Friday, 12. July 2019

University of Konstanz, Foyer of the Library


Humans migrate, animals migrate – “migration” is a central theme in both human societies and animal populations, deserving of observation and analysis from a variety of perspectives. Researchers at the Zukunftskolleg focus on aspects of migration different from those under scrutiny at the Cluster of Excellence “Politics of Inequality”, its counterpart “Collective Behavior”, and the Cultural Studies Research Center.

How intriguing to investigate all these different aspects under the umbrella of a joint series of events! A number of short research talks (“lightning talks”) and an exhibition of works by George Butler will form a central part of this joint effort. As an artist, George Butler includes human as well as animal migration in his take on “migration” as a concept, highlighting the interactive elements of both.

25 June 2019, 16:00–18:00
Lightning Talks & Discussion on "Migration"
Midissage of the Exhibition "Anima Mundi" with George Butler
Bib Café of the Library, University of Konstanz

Contact: Sigrid Elmer