Public Talks of the Centre for Cultural Inquiry

Winter semester 22/23

The weekly ZKF Public Talks are our major forum for exchanging ideas about ongoing research and exciting topics. We seek to maintain a good balance between academic originality and general relevance. After the lectures and discussions, there is an opportunity for social gathering and informal conversation. Citizens, staff and students are very welcome!

Some of the Talks have been recorded by KIM Lecture Recordings.

Each Wednesday, 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Wednesday, 26.10.22
Off the Road: The Environmental Aesthetics of Early Automobility
(ERC Project Presentation)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Timo Müller
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Christina Wald
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 2.11.22 - Autumn Break

Wednesday, 9.11.22
In cooperation with the research group "Rethinking Infrastructure"
Materialität der Kommunikation revisited: Kommunikationstheoretisch orientierte Überlegungen zur Analyse digitaler Kommunikation und ihrer Infrastrukturen
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Florian Muhle, Zeppelin Universität
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Christian Meyer
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 16.11.22
In cooperation with Konstanz University Press and the Research Institute Social Cohesion
Der Migration-Integration-Komplex. Wissenschaft und Politik in einem (Nicht-)Einwanderungsland, 1960-2010
Speaker: PD Dr. Kijan Espahangizi, Universität Zürich
Moderation: Christopher Möllmann
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 23.11.22, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
New Developments in Queer Studies
Roundtable with contributions by Dr. Sam MacBean (Queen Mary University of London) and Prof. Dr. Elahe Haschemi Yekani (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Moderation: Dr. Jonas Kellermann
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 30.11.22, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Nichts Neues im Westen? Provincialising Autosociobiography
Roundtable with Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ruhe (Universität Mannheim), Prof. Dr. Clarissa Vierke (Universität Bayreuth) and Dr. Philipp Lammers (Universität Konstanz)
Moderation: Dr. Eva Blome (Universität Hamburg) and Dr. Sarah Seidel (Universität Konstanz)
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 7.12.22
In cooperation with the Research Institute Social Cohesion
Identität - zwei Formen der Kritik
Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Colligs, Universität Kassel
Moderation: Dr. Kathrin Leipold
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 14.12.22
In cooperation with the research group „Rethinking Infrastructures“
Several Infrastructures of Weather and Climate
Speaker: Prof. Dr. John Durham Peters, Yale University
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Isabell Otto
Online event

- Christmas Break -

Wednesday, 11.01.23
ZKF member meeting
Internal event, Room Y 311

Wednesday, 18.01.23
Forschungsinitiative Serious Gaming oder: Spielen ernst nehmen
Speakers: Members of the SFB Initiative "Serious Gaming"
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Beate Ochsner
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 25.01.23
In cooperation with the NOMIS research project „Traveling Forms“
Adaptation as Renewal: The Transformative Impact of Hamlet’s Travels
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Sandra Young, University of Cape Town
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Christina Wald
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 1.2.23
„Russian World“ in the Whole World: Historical and Linguistic Manipulations in the „Russkij Mir“ Construction
Speaker: Dr. Liudmyla Pidkuimukha, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
Moderation: Dr. Renata von Maydell
Bischofsvilla / hybrid

Wednesday, 8.2.23
Odesa City Mythology in the Time of the Russo-Ukrainian War
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Oksana Dovgopolova, Odesa National University
Moderation: Dr. Albert Dikovich
Bischofsvilla / hybrid