Doctoral researcher councils

What are the doctoral researcher councils ?

The newly established doctoral researcher councils represent all doctoral students in German third-level institutions. These councils were set up in accordance with the Landeshochschulgesetz (state law on education) (§ 38 LHG paragraph 7). At the Konstanz University, these councils operate on the faculty level. All doctoral students who have formally enrolled at Konstanz University are members of the local councils and can get involved in them. Each of the three councils is guided by a board whose members are elected by their faculty’s doctoral candidates.

What is the purpose of the doctoral researcher councils?

The doctoral researcher councils allow doctoral students to protect their interests and to advise the academic administration in general decision-making processes. Council representatives participate, for example, in the development of a code of practice for doctoral studies. This code serves as a guideline for the supervision and support of early-career researchers during their doctoral studies. The councils also give their members the opportunity to voice their opinions on impending changes to the doctoral study regulations. Furthermore, one member of each of the three councils serves as advisor to the respective faculty council.

Besides having an influence on internal university processes, the doctoral researcher councils are also an important tool of self-organisation. The councils facilitate the peer-to-peer interaction between doctoral students and establish networks across Baden-Württemberg. The participation of doctoral students within the councils is ensured through regular meetings and the chance to volunteer for the council board.

Networking and AG Statusgruppe

How can I get in touch?

The doctoral researcher councils at the University of Konstanz can be contacted via email and are happy to respond to all suggestions and questions.

Furthermore, all doctoral researcher councils organise regular informal meetings and information sessions (e.g. concerning higher education policies).

The doctoral students' participation is essential for the success of the councils. All doctoral students who are willing to take an active role are most welcome to write to their faculty representatives (see contact information in the blue boxes below).

Boards of the doctoral researcher councils listed by faculty:

Faculty I: Math and Science

Board: Monika Finke (chemistry), Fabian Geml (physics) und Nadja Schlichenmaier (biology)

Rules of procedure for faculty 1 (German)

Faculty II: Humanities

Board: Anna Lüscher (literature), Eva-Maria Popp (philosophy), Anastasia Khomukhina (literature)

Rules of procedure for faculty 2 (German)

Faculty III: Politics, Law and Economy

Board: Sarah Jabri (law), Fabian Bergmann (politics), Sandra Morgenstern (politics)

Rules of procedure for faculty 3 (German)

Protocols (in German)

Section Politics-Economics-Law (16.10.2019)

Section Politics-Economics-Law (23.01.2019)