The institutional strategy and also the architecture of the University of Konstanz aim to enable encounters that promote the creativity from which scientific breakthroughs and innovations can emerge. With the forum.konstanz, our university will take its development to the next level and adapt our unique campus to current as well as future challenges in the areas of society, research, science and technology.

The innovative spatial concepts of the building forum.konstanz are designed to bring people and ideas together in new ways, to open up a range of possibilities for exchange and to support the university's overall strategy "University of Konstanz – creative.together".

Centrally located on spacious premises, a new centre for research and society will be created that combines flexible space for interdisciplinary research with room for innovative formats of knowledge transfer within the University of Konstanz's broad understanding of transfer (communicating, advising, applying). This will make the forum.konstanz a new centre on the campus, opening the university to the outside, enabling many encounters that provide new impetus and stimulate creative thinking, as well as promoting the rapid, practical implementation of new ideas.

Watch our video to get a first impression of how the planned building forum.konstanz might later look like with its special areas and elements. Selected images in the video are shown with the kind permission of HTWG students, Birgit Rucker and Sarah Bildstein.

At the moment, the planning stage is scheduled until 2025. Construction is planned for 2025 to 2028 with the building of the forum.konstanz projected to open in 2029.