FAQ Process Portal


Acess and Login

10. How can I access the Process Portal?

To access the process portal, you need a current web browser (for example, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) and an internet connection. The process portal can be accessed at  https://prozessportal.uni-konstanz.de .

The process portal is available when you are on the university network or connected to the university network with a VPN client.

Content and Use

11. For which areas are there processes?

The process portal has processes from all departments and divisions, structured in the following categories:

  • Overlapping processes (e.g. international, quality assurance and controlling)
  • Studies and teaching (e.g. procedures for programme development, application and admission)
  • Research (e.g. funding from DFG/BMBF/EU, economic cooperation)
  • Promotion of young researcers (e.g. promotion procedure)
  • Personnel (e.g. hiring staff, applying for parental leave)
  • Library, infrastructure and services (e.g. facility management procedures, work safety)
  • Finance (e.g. work contracts)

12. How do I find my process?

You can search for your process:

  • On the process map by clicking on the plus sign
  • On the folder structure in the left overview bar (opened by clicking on the arrow)
  • Using the search function: Enter your search term in the search box in the top left and select a keyword (e.g. "restricted degree programs"). The search results are listed under the search box in the dropdown list bar.

13. What can I find in the glossary?

In the roles glossary, you can find detailed descriptions and important links to the roles used in the processes (divisions, departments, office-holders, other bodies).

The document glossary contains important documents of the administrative departments. Again, you can use the search function (see question 12).

14. Why can I not find the required process?

There are several options to search for processes. You can read about these alternatives in question 12.

It is also possible, that the process you searched for is not yet available on the process portal. If you want to, you can take up this required process (see question 15).

15. How can I take up required processes or actively participate in existing processes?

The process portal is continually evolving. This means that existing processes are constantly updated and new processes are documented and published. If you are interested in or need to include a process, please call the staff unit quality assurance (Melanie Steinwand, -3945). If you want to improve an existing process or have comments and suggestions, you are welcome to use the comment function in the portal.

16. What information can I find in a process representation?

  • Individual tasks
  • Detailed descriptions of the tasks, where available
  • Explanation of the roles
  • Documents
  • Contact persons

See the overview for the use of the process portal (content and use).

Help, comments, and suggestions

17. Who do I contact...

18. How do I know what the individual elements mean?

Most items are self-explanatory. You can find a legend of the symbolds used below the display.

19. How do I provide feedback to individual process descriptions or other content of the Process Portal (amendments, corrections, etc.)?

You can in the process write your comments about the tasks, events, and roles in the processes. Simply click on the element and select "comments" in the new window. You may only edit your own comment and save by "adding" in the text field. You can see any existing comments for a process in the "comments" section below the description. Your comments are read and processes regularly.

You may also send your feedback about the process portal in general or on specific procedures to the staff unit quality assurance by phone or e-mail. To share your feedback, please contact Melanie Steinwand (-3945).