System accreditation

Since 2 October 2014, the University of Konstanz is system accredited. As a result of a two-year long external examination, the accreditation organisation AAQ (Swiss Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance) certified the University of Konstanz on the basis of its quality assurance system for its ability to ensure and further develop the quality of its study programmes. All study programmes of the University of Konstanz pass through a monitoring process that focuses on the areas of study and teaching, research, equal opportunity and internationalisation. Passing this monitoring cycle is a prerequisite for the internal accreditation (Rectorate cycle/peer review cycle) in the areas of study and teaching.

The system-accreditation is based on the criteria of the accreditation council and the Kultusministerkonferenz (conference of ministers of education), and is valid until 2020.


The subject of the system accreditation is the internal quality assurance system of an institution of higher education in the areas of study and teaching. The system accreditation certifies that the quality assurance system for study and teaching is able to reach the qualification standards and goals of its study programmes. Once the University of Konstanz receives system accreditation, it is able to accredit its own study programmes.