Flu vaccination

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What is the "Flu"

The "real" flu is a viral disease caused by the influenza virus (H1N1). It is often confused with a common cold, but can be worse.

Course and treatment

The disease begins one to three days after infection, with a rapid deterioration in general condition and high fever, as well as a dry and painful cough and severe headache, limb and muscle pain (within hours).

The duration of the illness is usually five to seven days, but can be significantly longer depending on complications and health risk factors. Severe courses of the disease rarely occur, usually in the form of pneumonia. Effective treatment is only possible in the early phase of the disease. This time is usually missed.


A preventive vaccination is an effective way to avoid infection. Vaccination is best started in autumn. Since influenza viruses are very variable, it is necessary to repeat the flu vaccination annually.

In the spirit of workplace health promotion, the university is again offering all employees a free flu vaccination during working hours by the company doctor, starting in October. Thanks to the electronic appointment calendar, everyone can easily book an appointment at the times indicated.

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The best prevention, however, besides a healthy immune system, is hygiene. Frequent and thorough hand washing protects best against infection. Also avoid contact with sick people, especially in confined spaces. There is also a risk of infection in crowded places, e.g. on public transport. Wash your hands especially if you have touched contaminated surfaces, such as railings or door handles, which are touched by many people.

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