Information for incomings

Exchange students from our partner institutions

International students that have been nominated for student exchange to Konstanz by their home institutions or free movers (students studying abroad outside an exchange programme) may apply for one or two semesters at the University of Konstanz. To apply, please follow the steps in the left menu bar.

Information about studying at the Faculty of Humanities (study programmes on offer, course formats in the departments, information on ECTS points etc.) can be found in the Incoming Student Guide 2022/23 (Section 3.2). In this brochure, you will also find further information on the University of Konstanz (the organization of the academic year etc.), the application procedure and orientation programmes offered by our International Office.

Friends in the Faculty - Freunde am Fachbereich


Applications from exchange students will be processed by our International Office. Detailed information about the application procedure, documents, deadlines etc. can be found on the website of our International Office.

To apply for a stay at the University of Konstanz as an exchange student, you must have been nominated by your home university. Nominations should be made online via the platform Mobility Online. Our partner universities receive information about the nominations procedure from our International Office at the beginning of each year. 

Once you have been nominated you will receive a welcome email from our International Office with  information on how to proceed with your application.

Please note: If you apply for the summer semester, you will receive the welcome message in autumn.

Language requirements

Exchange students have to hand in proof of adequate language skills in either German or English as part of their application. As of the academic year 2018/19, the minimum level B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) will be required.

In the section on language requirements and tests on the website of our International Office, you will find a list of accepted language tests and certificates.


Deadlines for exchange students (Erasmus+ and other programmes):

  • 15 May for the winter semester (October to February)
  • 15 November for the summer semester (April to July)

Further information on the application process is provided on the website of the International Office and in the Incoming Student Guide 2021/22.

Course selection

Exchange students and free movers may choose any course from the departments and faculties as long as they meet the admission requirements or have obtained the necessary prerequisites, and as long as there are still places available in the course in question. To give an example, natural science students will not be admitted to advanced seminars in the Department of Literature, Art and Media Studies as these will require a solid background in literary studies.
In some courses, especially in practical language courses, degree-seeking students will have priority over exchange or visiting students.
For languages that can be studied as part of a philological degree, there will always be two categories of courses to choose from in the course catalogue: courses for students of the respective philology and courses for students of other subjects.

The Incoming Student Guide 2021/22 provides more detailed descriptions of the course formats on offer and recommendations with respect to the suitability for incoming students. In a number of degree programmes, the number of annually repeated courses is very low as the majority of the coursework could be characterized as "electives". However, the module titles of the respective degrees provide the frame for the kind of topics/courses on offer.

Regular course offer in English

Not all departments offer courses taught in English regularly. The recurring English course offer is made available by the departments in the following overview files:

  • History
    (No courses are regularly offered in English.)
  • Sport Science
    (No recurring English courses are offered at the bachelor level, the MSc Sport Science, on the other hand, is completely taught in English)


As an Erasmus+ incoming student, you will have to fill out some forms and have them signed during your stay in Konstanz. These could include:

  • the learning agreement (before/during/after the mobility)
  • the Confirmation of Arrival/Stay/Departure (the document confirming your exact length of stay)

Since all universities have adapted the EU templates to their special needs, we ask you to use the forms of your home university and submit them to us (you can usually find these on the homepage of your home university). Those of you taking part in the orientation programme can also bring the documents to meetings with the colleagues of our International Office. The colleagues will then sign e.g. your confirmation of arrival. You will receive the signature of the departments' Erasmus+ coordinators during their office hours.

Please make sure your forms are already printed, filled out and signed by yourself (if necessary) when you contact the Erasmus+ coordinator.

Students who come to Konstanz as part of other programmes or as free movers may also need signatures from their host department. You can obtain these signatures during the Erasmus+ coordinators' office hours.

Extension of stay

Information about extending your study period can be found on the website of our International Office under the menu point Organizing your studies > Extending your study period.