Thinking about studying abroad? Bienvenido a Konstanz y Valparaíso!

The University of Konstanz

The University of Konstanz is a campus university and accommodates three faculties:

The Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Politics, Law and Economics. These in turn host 13 departments on one campus. Many of the more than 100 study programmes have an interdisciplinary approach including a range of international components such as courses in foreign languages, a stay abroad or double degree options. The independent Language Institute (Sprachlehrinstitut, SLI) offers a broad range of language courses at different levels, and the prize-winning library is open 24 hours a day, letting everyone choose when to browse the catalogue or simply use one of the work spaces for study. Over 11.711 students originating from 95 countries are enrolled at the university, and with 300 partner universities worldwide, the university is part of an expansive global network of learning opportunities.

Students from Valparaíso, interested in studying in Konstanz, can come for a semester through our bilateral agreement within the framework of the DAAD ISAP-Programme. 

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