students on the patio
students on the patio

International students assess the University of Konstanz

Student feedback helps us to improve our services

The University of Konstanz strives to consistently ensure  quality assurance. Survey results addressing internationalisation provide our university and relevant staff members with data-based feeback so they can improve their services in support of international students.

International Student Barometer

In regular surveys carried out via i-graduate, international students assess teaching, studies, and living conditions at universities around the world. The results of the so-called International Student Barometer (ISB) allow us to continually improve university services.


International Student Barometer 2016

The most important results:

  • The German language

    classes for international students received the highest satisfaction

    ratings in Germany (of 36 universities).

  • The University of

    Konstanz placed second in Germany (of 36) in their supervision and

    guidance regarding visa matters.

  • Second place in Germany

    (of 35) in the category “inclusion by local students”

  • Very high satisfaction

    in the survey area “teaching” for the categories “academic English”

    (98.6%) and “research orientation” (92.7%) when compared to other German


  • High satisfaction

    ratings for the services provided by the student advisory service (97.1%),

    the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) (95.6%) and the

    “orientation programmes” (92.8%).

  • The level of satisfaction with

    “accommodation cost” and “living costs” continues to fall short of


What are the trends?

Just after arriving:

  • Increased satisfaction

    since 2013 with “enrolment” (85% to 88%), “accommodation service” (71% to

    82%), “internet access” (68% to 79%) and with “orientation programmes”

    (88% to 93%).

  • Decreased satisfaction

    with “bank account” (82% to 79%) and “initial travel to accommodations” (77% to 75%).


  • Considerable improvement

    in the satisfaction ratings for “library” from 2013 to 2016 (73% to 94%)

    as well as for “online services” (86% to 92%).

  • Since 2009, ratings have

    continuously improved for “language support” (76% to 90%) and  “learning support” (77% to 89%).

  • Satisfaction ratings

    have improved continuously since 2011 in the following categories:

    “Teacher quality” (from 85% to 94%), “course quality” (89% to 94%) and

    “virtual learning” (83% to 88%).

  • Decreased satisfaction

    with “career advice” and “work experience”.

Life in Konstanz:

  • Continuous improvement

    in the satisfaction ratings for “campus buildings” (54% since 2011 to 74%

    in 2016).

  • Increased satisfaction

    since 2013 in the categories “internet access” (+9%), “social activities”

    (+7%) and “transportation links” (+5%)

  • Although the

    satisfaction ratings increased since 2013 in regard to “accommodation

    costs” (+9%) and “financial support” (+4%), they continue to fall short of


Support services:

  • Since 2013, the satisfaction ratings have increased or stayed the same for all services except for “clubs or

    student groups” (95% to 92%).

Press release from 13 April 2017

International Student Barometer 2013

The most important results:

  • Our

    International Office placed 1st in Germany (from 5 participating

    universities) and 2nd in the world (from 163) with excellent

    satisfaction ratings. Thank you very much!

  • 92% of international students would recommend the University of Konstanz (86% in 2011)
  • No. 1 at supervising visa matters when compared to the rest of the world (92.4%)
  • top-level rankings in the study elements “expert knowledge” (96.6%) and “research orientation” (93.2%)
  • high

    satisfaction with “inclusion by Konstanz students” (13th among the ISB

    universities), “orientation programmes” (88.5%) and “staff readiness to

    help” (96.2%)

  • comparatively less satisfaction with “student

    housing provider” and “housing costs”, “transport connections” and the

    “campus buildings”

What are the trends?

Just after arriving:

  • significant improvement in the “organisation of a lecture timetable” (77% /2009, 85% /2013), “enrolment” (73% /2009, 85% /2013)
  • decreasing satisfaction with “internet access” (88% in 2011; 68% in 2013) and “bank account” (90% in 2009; 82% in 2013)


  • increasing satisfaction with "course organisation" (73% in 2011; 83% in 2013) and “grading system” (68% in 2011; 70% in 2013)
  • “feedback on performance” remains below expectations (77% in 2011; 79% in 2013)
  • “learning workspace”, "renovation work in the “library”, “available technology infrastructure” were criticised

Life in Konstanz:

  • high satisfaction with the opportunities to get to know the host culture (89.6%)
  • improvement

    in visa consultation and the university buildings, decline in the

    satisfaction with part-time jobs (62% in 2011; 54% in 2013) and

    scholarships (64% in 2011; 46% in 2013)

Support services:

  • improvement in all services
  • good feedback on the cafeteria in the ISB comparison (31st of all ISB universities)

Press release from 3 April 2014

“Multicultural Campus” in uni'kon 55/2014

International Student Barometer 2011

What are the most important highlights?

  • the International Office placed 1st in Germany (10th in worldwide comparison)
  • very high satisfaction with the study elements “research”, “teaching quality” and “expert knowledge”
  • study assisting elements like “course organisation”, “feedback on performance” and “grading system” lag behind somewhat
  • international students generally rate the support provided upon arrival well, but seem to expect more from the “welcoming personnel” and the “study organisation and course selection (Study Sense)”.

What are the trends?

  • satisfaction with “internet access” has risen 20%
  • satisfaction with “places to pray” dropped 13%
  • the rating for “assistance finding housing” is below average, but did rise by 7% in comparison with 2009

Although international students did have these points of criticism, the International Student Barometer (ISB) indicates that both full time and exchange students were very pleased with the helpfulness of university staff. 86% of international students would recommend studying at the University of Konstanz. Visit our additional survey results page for more information.

Survey part of the POFIN project „Einstiege und Übergänge“ (beginnings and transitions)

In order to improve the support services for its international students, the University of Konstanz has been taking part in a programme to promote the integration of international students (Programm zur Förderung der Integration ausländischer Studierender (PROFIN)) in cooperation with the University of Ulm since 2010. As part of the DAAD / PROFIN project, the International Office of the University of Konstanz carries out its own survey to determine the needs and expectations of international full-time students and to then improve the available services in response.

Here are the survey results based on responses from full-time students at the University of Konstanz during the 2010/11 winter semester: